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Model blames sexual harassment Paul Marciano, slam guesses “safe space” PR push

Photo Getty Last week, fashion brands told models “innovative skill-based training, professional mentorship, emotions,” following reports from Guess founder Paul Marciano on several Daily Beast charges of sexual misconduct. Announcing a new safe space program that provides “Physical / Mental Health Resources”. The press release announcing the initiative did not mention numerous allegations against Marciano, including sexual assault, only vague allegations of “fashion pressure, struggle, victory” while promoting the involvement of the victims. Included-Rights Attorney Micaster Liberty However, the program is only a public relations campaign, in the opinion of a prominent model workplace rights group and several women who have accused Marciano of cheating. .. “This program was created at the same time that I and other victims of Paul Marciano were forgotten, denied and invalidated. As the Daily Beast reported, sexual assault in February 2020. The former Guess model, who sued Marciano and Guess on suspicion, was anonymously identified as “Jane Doe.” And when we desperately needed to be asked, the community in Guess? When we try to use our voice to tell us what happened? (Marciano and Guess denied all claims against him.) In 1983, fashion mogul Paul Marciano “I was sexually assaulted,” the Model Alliance wrote in a statement on Monday. “In addition, programs that provide model skill-based training, professional mentorship, and emotional / mental health resources burden the model itself with protection, not the system of power that enables such abuse. The workers-led organization called Guess’s initiative a “charade” and declared that the only way fashion companies could protect their models was to “remove Paul Marciano immediately.” .. Marciano agreed that he had sexually harassed last summer. “In my opinion, Guess can never be a’safe place’as long as Paul Marciano is still working there,” said the 21-year-old model. “This transparent attempt at a public relations campaign burdens the model to protect itself from industry abuse, rather than addressing the real problem of the consistent potential of Marchano’s sexual harassment and Guess’s predatory behavior against the model. If Guess really cares about protecting the model, he would have fired Paul Marciano after his first complaint of sexual harassment. “According to Van Meir, Guess’s photo shoot last July (11 under the brand). During the second), Marciano approached her. I sat alone and started complimenting her work before asking for a kiss. “He was pointing at his cheek. I really hesitated and started to feel very uncomfortable, so I said, of course,” she recalled an alleged incident at a European home. “I remember he bent over and wanted to kiss his cheeks, so after kissing his cheeks, he was asked again, so he kissed again. And he felt sick. It was also the peak of the pandemic. Before being booked, everyone was told to be properly masked and take special precautions. ā€¯Guess CEO Paul Marciano’s rape accuser: Fashion Titan “silence” in court Following suspicion of an unnecessary kiss, Van Meir said Marciano approached her the same day while she was just shooting in her robe. “My bathrobe hung from my shoulders and remained exposed. He looked down at it and patted my shoulders directly on my skin with my fingers. Even now, I have a strange sensation in my stomach. There is. “She continued. “I wore an empty robe underneath, which made me very uncomfortable. I knew he wasn’t just adjusting my robe.” “He was my There was no reason to touch the bare skin, “she emphasized. “I’ve been modeling for eight years and all you have to touch is the stylist and make-up artist.” Marchano and Guess didn’t respond to the Daily Beast’s request for comment. During the same shoot, Van Meir said. A male colleague who refused to identify her for fear of personal retaliation made her uncomfortable with less desirable contact. “He was holding my hand for the shoot, but when we finished shooting, he kept holding my hand and rubbed his fingers with my palm,” she said. It was. She was first hired by Guess when she was 17, and complained to Guess’s board about the onset behavior of her unnamed colleague Marciano. The Daily Beast obtained and reviewed the document, along with Guess’s March 9 response. The company said it had contacted a male colleague to remind them of their code of ethics. However, the company did not address Van Meir’s allegations against Marciano. Since filing an internal complaint with Guess, Van Meir has not worked for the clothing brand again and has maintained the services of Jane Doe’s leading lawyer, Lisa Bloom. Van Meir is the latest woman to blame Marciano for illegal acts. Fashion tycoons claimed that after the company paid a settlement to four women who accused him of cheating, and after supermodel Kate Upton groped for her and forcibly kissed her. Previously, he resigned as CEO of Guess. Ten years earlier, a former Guess model sued Marchano for harassment, but the complaint was dismissed, probably due to an out-of-court settlement, the New York Times reported. She went to an empty apartment last year under the guise of a mentoring conversation, but instead forced her to have oral sex. And earlier this month, The Daily Beast reported the allegations of Irene Thor, a former employee of the Marciano family’s former boutique store. She claimed in 1983 that Paul had sexually assaulted her in the car while dating her brother Maurice. The alleged serial harassment got a second chance. He is currently accused of rape. Marciano denied all allegations against him (or, in Thor’s case, did not respond to any request for comment). And even after he resigned as CEO, Guess was the best creative in 2019, despite an internal investigation admitting his “inappropriate judgment” and “plausible allegations of improper conduct.” He quietly revived him as the chief. After reading various reports of allegations against Marchano, Van Meir noticed that “ Kate Upton and other women are to resign in 2018 after accusing him of sexual misconduct. So I’m wondering why I did that. Does Guess’s board allow him to come back and work closely with the model and ignore my complaint? Guess will soon Paul Paul. By resigning to, he hopes to take immediate action to prevent these events from happening on the set. Marciano said in 2007 when three women complained in 1993. Gwen could have escaped when another woman complained, or when six women complained in 2018, “said Bloom, who represents both Jane Do and Van Meir. .. o No proceedings against Guess or Marciano. “I pay tribute to Gwen’s courage in the record, hoping to protect other women from this multiple accused serial predator. The New York-based model is her. He said he decided to share his experience, “because the more you silence sexual harassment, the more normalized and worse the problem is. The model is professional. We are not sexual objects. And I. We should be treated with respect. “Finally, Bloom said,” If Guess wants to create a “safe space” for his model, he needs to fire Paul Marciano. Other than that, it’s just PR. Find out more at The Daily Beast. Do you have any hints? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! 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