The best hybrid pickup truck in 2022


According to the US Energy Information Administration, the national average price of gasoline has risen by almost $ 2 over the past year. This is not good news for some of the 30 most vehicles on the road. pick-up truck.. But if you’re trying to save gas, there’s a relatively new option: hybrid pickups.

Like other hybrid vehicles, these trucks are equipped with a gasoline engine reinforced with an electric motor and battery to improve fuel economy. However, there are subtle differences in the hybrid systems of each car manufacturer. Edmonds experts will put together all four hybrid trucks on sale today so you can decide which is the better buy. All prices below include destination charges.

Ford F-150 Power Boost

PowerBoost is the name given to the first ever F-150 hybrid engine, and of course. Except for the off-road-focused Raptor, it produces more power than the non-hybrid F-150: 430 hp and 570 lb-foot torque. It is 3-5 mpg more efficient than the equivalent non-hybrid F-150 and can tow over £ 12,000 if properly equipped. This is enough for the average truck owner.

The PowerBoost engine also comes with a handy feature called ProPowerOnboard. The built-in generator can run a variety of power tools and large appliances such as televisions and microwave ovens. The PowerBoost powertrain is available at the F-150 SuperCrew cab trim level. On the downside, it can cost up to $ 4,495 to add to a track. But overall, the improvements in efficiency and performance are attractive. However, testing has shown that it is difficult to match EPA numbers in the real world, so you may need to adjust your driving style. That said, the F-150 is currently Edmonds’ most acclaimed full-frame truck.

Starting price: $ 45,210

Estimated fuel economy of EPA: Total of 23-25mpg

Toyota Tundra Hybrid

The 2022 redesign of the tundra modernized aging trucks in various ways and introduced a brand new i-Force Max hybrid engine. It’s the most powerful hybrid truck on the list, boasting 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft, but a bit less efficient than the F-150 PowerBoost. The hybrid powertrain is also only 1-2mpg more efficient than a regular tundra engine.

Toyota offers only hybrid engines above the Tundra Limited Trim and needs to be equipped with a Crewmax cab, making it a somewhat costly choice. But like the Hybrid F-150, it offers solid traction capacity of over £ 11,000. All hybrid tundra come with a large 14-inch touch screen and heated and ventilated front and rear leather seats.

There are many things I like about rounded tundra. But know that it’s not the lead or superior in towing, comfort, efficiency, or major truck categories.

Starting price: $ 54,695

Estimated fuel economy of EPA: total of 20-22mpg


The Ram 1500 eTorque is the only mild hybrid system on this list. Ram offers it for both V6 and V8 engines, and at any trim level. The eTorque system does not increase the total output of either engine, but instead adds a short burst of auxiliary output when the engine needs it most, smoothing the engine’s stop-start system. Most importantly, the fuel economy is improved by 2-3mpg compared to Ram’s non-hybrid petrol engine.

Surprisingly, there is no additional charge for the eTorque system in V8 and it is standard in V6. The Ram 1500 is currently Edmonds’ second most acclaimed full-size truck. It’s the most comfortable truck in its class and its mild hybrid powertrain is silky smooth.

Starting price: $ 38,295 (V6); $ 41,090 (V8)

Estimated fuel consumption of EPA: Total of 21-22 mpg (V6). Total 19-20 mpg (V8)

Ford Maverick

The Maverick is a brand new compact truck with a 191 horsepower hybrid powertrain as standard equipment. By far the most efficient truck on the market, it is as efficient as a small hybrid SUV. Hybrid engines are only available in front-wheel drive, so if you’re planning on off-road or cold weather, it’s a good idea to rethink.

On the plus side, the little Maverick has a low starting price, much like a compact car, making it the most affordable truck to buy. It can be towed as much as your average small SUV and has a solid payload capacity of 1,500 pounds.

The pricing and fuel economy of the Maverick Hybrid is attractive, but beyond that, it’s a pretty practical truck.

Starting price: $ 22,490

Estimated EPA fuel economy: 37 mpg total

Edmonds says

Hybrid pickup trucks are ideal for additional power and efficiency. In most cases, there will be an additional charge, but if you have the budget, the benefits are worth it.

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