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State Department officials commit “industrial espionage” on tens of thousands of bribes: Feds

U.S. District Court in Columbia District A federal construction contractor who worked for several U.S. agencies bribed State Department workers in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in cash, “corporate spying” and he. Iran-born May Saleh, who was assigned to the Department of State’s Department of Overseas Building Management (OBO), has security clearance and a heap of debt. It was said that it was. To escape her financial pitfalls, a special agent working for the State Department’s Inspector General said Mr. Saleh, 65, is illegal for a Washington, DC-based company with over $ 100 million in state-owned operations. I believe it helped me to steer. According to her LinkedIn profile, Salehi started working for the State Department in 1996. A State Department spokesman told The Daily Beast that Salehi was still employed there. She didn’t have a lawyer in court records and didn’t respond to a message asking for comment. According to the affidavit. , No arrests have been made yet. The incident can be traced back to 2014, when the Montage Company in Chevy Chase, Maryland, won a $ 26.1 million state contract to renovate the US Consulate in Lagos, Maryland. However, the affidavit states that the project has passed its deadline of two years and the company has almost gone bankrupt. Then something strange happened: instead of avoiding the State Department’s project following Nigeria’s “wreck,” the montage “transformed its business model and then relied almost exclusively on the State Department’s project. I came to do it. ” Over the next three years, the montage has strangely won six major contracts with the State Department to build a US embassy or consulate abroad. According to the affidavit, this “seemingly counterintuitive” development “can be explained by the presence of a State Department insider who had an illegal relationship with the montage.” From that point on, about 95% of the montage’s revenue came solely from the State Department’s contract, which was $ 106.5 million of the previous $ 111.4 million, almost double the previous revenue. .. Suspected of bank fraud, money laundering, and unauthorized deletion and retention of confidential materials, among others. There they seized numerous documents, nearly 40 computers, several cell phones, and 96 terabytes of servers. One office was a montage list of DC headquarters, which is open to the public as a major business hub. Second, investigators stated in a warrant that it was the company’s “secret” office suite in Chevy Chase, Maryland. The space was purchased through a paper company and there was a sign by the door indicating that it was the American Addiction Medicine Society, where the agent encountered Montage founder and principal Sina Moedy. “It would be very intriguing if we had information about insiders of the government,” Special Investigator Christopher Swenson told Moedy. Investigators suspected Moedy was the suspect. Forged the business license and qualifications he said he would be working on a government project for a montage employee. The project manager’s resume for a job submitted to the Ministry of State stated that the employee “has been doing complex full-time jobs for years with various qualifications in the field of construction.” .. However, the affidavit states that the person “actually sold meat as a door-to-door salesperson, was a landscape architect, and built a pool for several years at the same time.” The former CFO was in trouble, claiming to have embezzled money from the company. But when they visited a former CFO at his home in Maryland, another story emerged. During an interview, Swenson told the former CFO that the Montage bookkeeper portrayed him as an alcoholic. He read the email and said he had a mental illness. The CFO concealed his alleged theft by “creating a fake universe of quick books, salaries, accounts receivable, accounts receivable, and bank account statements.” The bookkeeper insisted in a message, stating that the CFO “looked up salary by fictitious name.” He described it as a “master counterfeiter” who electronically changed bank balances, forged histories, and not only used them for counterfeiting, but also kept at least four books. Not only to the lender, but also to significantly reduce his own personal tax burden. At that time, the CFO dropped a bomb. He told his agent that Moedy “trained career employees at the State Department” and “briberyed him in exchange for information about the contract with the government,” the statement said. .. The CFO didn’t remember the name of the State Department insider, but remembered that she was a Moedy woman’s “Iranian friend” she met through a “community group related to Iranian heritage.” A pre-bid meeting for a Slovenian State Department project a few years ago. She also helped Moedy and Montage win a contract with the State Department in the Caribbean in exchange for a $ 60,000 kickback, the CFO said. To hide the deal, the CFO Moayedi gave a check. He argued that the CFO cashed it and handed it to the intermediary, who handed the cash to a corrupt employee of the State Department. To further obscure the truth, insiders were told to give the intermediary a $ 2,000 Persian rug in exchange for cash, in case “if someone asked about it.” Engineer in the OBO Project Development Coordination Department of the State Department. Passport records confirm that Sarihi, who lived less than a mile from the montage’s “secret” office, was actually born in Iran. Investigators analyzed her official documents as a clue, as Sarihi’s position requires security clearance. One of the danger signs is that Salehi divorced in 2007. This happened shortly after she secured a $ 1.5 million mortgage for a home in Great Falls, Virginia. Mortgage payments were about $ 10,000 a month, more than Salehi’s monthly salary of $ 9,333 at the time. Another detail that caused the agent’s suspicion was that the Porsche Boxster Convertible Salehi purchased in 2014 repaid $ 15,000 of the $ 25,000 loan for 60 months in one lump sum the following year. Examining the United States District Court for the District of Columbia telephone records, the affidavit stated that Salehi had “an important and sudden telephone call with Moedy at the exact time when the fate of the montage suddenly changed.” Financial records summoned by investigators found numerous transactions, each worth tens of thousands of dollars, including a line of notes stating “Final payment for Anna’s house.” He dug up a State Department email account. The Memorandum of Understanding said, “Montage was bidding on a State Department project in New Delhi, India and Abja, Nigeria at the time, so by 2006, Montage and Moedy ( You probably knew it (with professional qualifications). “There is at least one official document in her email archive that mentions Sina Moayedi as a contact for the montage. She also forwarded a number of documents about projects in the state from work emails to personal emails, all of which were related to contracts that Montage later won. Many of them are sent at strange intervals, fostering investigator suspicion. They forwarded these emails to finish the State Department’s work at home, “said the affidavit. I will. On the other hand, forwarding these documents from a State Department account to Salehi’s Personal Email Account-1 has certain benefits for anyone engaged in selling government information. For example, such a transfer allows Salehi to print a hard copy and distribute it later without State Department supervision. According to the affidavit, Salehi is “SCI Approved”, “Anxiety Herbs”, “Anxiety Kratom Herbs”, “Montage Construction Company Proceedings”, “What is a Proceedings”, YouTube Video on Proceedings, “Shiva Hamidinia Was searched. A longtime legal adviser to the montage. Investigators summoned cell phone records from montage employees and found a letter from Moedy. Agents also found Moedy’s cell phone contacts and Salehi’s contacts from his Telegram, Skype, and iCloud accounts. I found the information.[A]Among the materials we are seeking permission to seize are Salehi’s tax documents and submissions, a (implicit) confession that she received a bribe, or a bribery scheme similar to her. It may contain false statements that you are trying to hide. It seems that it was done using the State Department’s financial disclosure form, “said the affidavit. Investigators in the District Court of Columbia told the judge, “Everywhere in the immediate vicinity of Salech, including any clothing or personal belongings under your control, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, bags, electronic devices, etc. He asked for permission to investigate Saleh himself. According to documents submitted to the court, the agent issued two decree at 6:12 am on May 20, and Saleh’s Apple Watch, three iPhones, We have seized a Macbook Pro, a micro SD card. A letter-sized Manila folder with Dell laptops, iPads, and gray folders. See The Daily Beast for more information. 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