The Biden administration says it may resume construction of border walls to fill the “gap” left by Trump.

Bidden border wall

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said “limited funding” had been allocated to the construction of the wall. Getty

  • President Biden may reopen several buildings along the US-Mexico border, The Washington Times reported..

  • President Biden has promised to stop building the border wall of former President Trump.

  • But Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas said some “wall gaps” needed to be filled.

  • White House spokesman Jen Psaki said “limited funding” had been allocated to the construction.

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The Biden administration may resume construction of some of the walls along the southern border of the United States, even though President Joe Biden has promised to stop all construction Former President Donald Trump’s Keystone Project..

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas told colleagues this week that construction could resume along the border wall to fill the “gap” in the barrier between Mexico and the United States. The Washington Times reported..

According to the report, Mallorcus told his colleagues that President Joe Biden had frozen funding for the Pentagon wall: Specific projects that need to be refurbished or completed. “

He said construction could resume in areas where gaps, gates and walls were built but the planned technology was not introduced. Insiders contacted DHS for comment.

President Biden “promised not to build”Another leg on the wall“During his administration, he suspended all federal funding on the border wall on his first day in office.

He gave authorities a 60-day deadline to decide how to proceed with President Trump’s mid-finished project.

The deadline has passed March. Officials telling insiders that the plan will come “soon” appear to be still struggling to legally resolve how to divert the funds allocated to the wall under Trump to other projects. is.

Since then, most construction work has been suspended. White House spokesman Jen Psaki was pressured on Tuesday’s Washington Times coverage and told authorities that “limited construction” had been funded, but otherwise most work was suspended. He said he would remain.

Girlfriend Said: “Wall construction remains suspended to the extent permitted by law. Therefore, some have already been funded with parliamentary approval and funding, but the agency develops the plan. As the agency develops a presidential plan for management, it will be suspended. Federally funded. “

“It’s suspended. There are some limited constructions that are funded and allocated, otherwise they are suspended.”

Expert I told insider Mia Jankovic in March Bypassing wall funding was not a current priority, as the government is trying to cope with the sharp surge in border crossings along the southern border.

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