The biggest mess on the Saudi Tour is words, not golf


The theme of the Saudi-funded LIV Golf Series is “Golf, but Louder”.

Talking about money big enough for Dustin Johnson to get a non-negligible offer, Brooks Koepka meeting within a week, and Pat Perez smiling after shooting 80.

High signature fees from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth funds have always been trying to get criticism. Now an additional layer of noise is beginning to surface. This is mainly because some of these players decided to take the money and open their mouths.

Talor Gooch drew attention to his words more than anything he had ever done on a golf course. For those unfamiliar with Gooch, he won his first PGA Tour title in the final 2021 tournament against an empty field from the top 10 in the world over the weekend. He has played seven majors professionally in eight years.

When asked if it was fair to be criticized for contributing to “sportswashing” at a LIV event in the suburbs of London, Gooch replied: “I’m a golfer. I’m not that smart.”

And last week, when his team (4 ace) won 7 shots, he proved it at Pumpkin Ridge. Each member paid $ 750,000. Gooch was asked if he could feel the energy from the crowd.

“I’ve never played the Ryder Cup or the Presidents Cup, but I can’t imagine a big difference,” Gooch said. “This was the coolest.”

Undoubtedly, it’s cooler than ever for him.

Even by Gooch’s standards, the comments were ridiculous.This was the player who posted “You’re Welcome” gif When the PGA Tour responded to LIV with the announcement Schedule change Intended for larger wallets for top players.

Undoubtedly, the new league is a mess and it’s not all bad.

With the changes announced two weeks ago, the PGA Tour will be slimmer and better without losing the ideal that “better play” dominates the day. Most importantly, go back to the off-season, which offers something to everyone, or the calendar year (January-August), which offers nothing if someone wants a clean break.

Money was always going to increase with new media rights contracts, but now it’s more directed to players who want the media to invest in golf.

But this turmoil also draws a line between who wants to be rich and who wants to be a star, and they are not always connected. There is growing hostility from the latter, who wants to make the former a little more transparent.

“I understand what they should say, and given everything about all this, but to say they’re all about improving the game … complete To be honest, I say one of them is the ball I’m doing this for money, “said PGA Champion Justin Thomas. No layup Podcast. “I personally will get more respect for it.

“But players keep talking that this is to improve the game, and the more I say, the more excited and frustrated I am about it.”

This is nothing more exciting than 54 holes than 72 holes. It’s not about playing as a team. And it’s not about less play. Otherwise, those who sign up will not need the tour they left.

Patrick Reed said goodbye, saying he had never heard of a player on the PGA Tour. He talked about the appeal of LIV Golf, which allows him to spend more time with his family by playing fewer events. And by the weekend, he was trying to find a way to add the Scottish Open to his schedule.

Wasn’t it the idea of ​​reducing play?

Reed plays about 30 times a year, omitting the part where it is his choice. Being an independent contractor does not mean setting your own rules, but setting your own schedule (leads can no longer be LIV employees). He didn’t have to play five times after last year’s Tour Championship. He didn’t have to be a member of the European tour.

The noise from some players creates the spirit of “us vs. them”. This is a destructive environment that doesn’t help anyone.

Fred couples are especially dull interview Last week on when he called Perez a “grain of sand” on the PGA Tour. He became personal with his longtime friend Phil Mickelson. At least he used to be.

“These people-you’ve seen their interviews, haven’t you?” Said the couple. “Have you ever seen Phil look so stupid in his life? They know it’s a joke.” He also said of Mickelson, “I’ll never talk to him again.” I think. “

What’s still coming is to mix lawyers.

Ian Poulter was in it Three European tour players who won a temporary stay From a British judge who allowed them to play the Scottish Open, even though the tour suspended them because they played the LIV event without permission.

The proceedings against the PGA Tour seem like a matter of time. It probably won’t work to share the space inside the rope with the loyalists who are effectively complaining to the player.

“That’s just one of the things I wouldn’t do anymore if I had previously passed in front of that person and said” Hey “or asked how they were doing. I don’t think so, “Thomas said.


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