The biggest surprise in Biden’s first 100 days office

So far, Joe Biden wasn’t the middle-aged president many expected. He was supposed to be a plain pedestrian bridge to a new era of democratic politics. It will be guided by a few young and white members of the party. Instead, he took on the task himself, astonishing skeptics who claimed he was bidding for left-wing pioneers and infuriating critics.

Whatever you might think of Biden’s policy-the few that he has already realized, and the corps he has already proposed-it is clear that he is not the “sleepy Joe” of the conservative caricature. Biden has shown his commitment to breaking both the country and his own past and reshaping America’s diplomatic and domestic policies.

Joe Biden

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Whether the vast project will be successful or desired will be judged by voters in the interim period of the 2022 parliament, and two years later, by Biden’s own candidacy, assuming that Biden will be re-executed. I will. But so far, it is clear that he has overturned many people’s expectations about the presidency.

The three most amazing aspects of his presidency so far are:

Progressive policy

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, DN.Y. (Via Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times, Getty Images)

Last week, the 78-year-old president received strong support from 31-year-old Congressman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.), who was not yet born when Biden first arrived in Washington. “Many of us expected a much more conservative government,” said a progressive lawmaker.

Biden was widespread in last year’s presidential election A prudent centrist politician’s unstimulated choice He sought a consensus between Obama and Clinton. While more progressive candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren introduced radical ideas on health care and climate change, Biden clearly broadcast that he was the choice to establish. ..

“Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton in 2020. It won’t end well this time,” one headline in 2019 warned.

How it ends for Biden, who no one knows as president, but it started with a little foreseen left turn.

When it comes to what the president really believes, trillions of dollars speak for themselves. The Left had much higher expectations for Barack Obama, but it certainly makes sense, given that it insured millions of people, except for the passage of the Affordable Care Act. It wasn’t a feat without it. And when his parliamentary margin disappeared in the middle of 2010, those hopes went on the Titanic path. The loss of the Senate in 2014 only ensured that democratic expectations of Obama were almost completely shattered.

Ironically, Biden may have been driven by progressive policy by Obama’s own plight. In the early days of the Obama administration, when the country fought collapse, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel reminded Winston Churchill’s famous dictated president to never waste the crisis. Obama took the economy out of the plunge, but by the time his health law was passed, Capitol Hill wasn’t willing to address another major issue, such as comprehensive immigration reform.

Joe Biden

President Biden at the Leaders Summit on Climate on April 22. (The New York Times Aldrago by Getty Images)

Now there is another crisis with another president. Biden’s sudden acceptance of progressive politics may only be a realization, if not now. That hug is, needless to say, far from perfect. In the most basic way, Biden remains old-fashioned liberal rather than AOC-style extremists. The idea of ​​refunding police funds is completely hostile to him. His proposal to raise corporate taxes has returned to only half of what Trump had when he took office.

But those signs are talking, and they may ultimately determine how Americans see Biden’s presidency. He has already signed a $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus package. This includes a child tax credit that both progressives and conservatives agree to significantly reduce child poverty. His $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure package includes billions of dollars for a green economy and a correction of racist policies in the housing and other sectors.

And $ 1.8 Trillion American Family Planning, Biden will introduce a number of new suggestions later this week. Family planning, which is part of a broader infrastructure proposal, outlines the enormous spending on social programs that have been scraped over decades or have never been accomplished from the desks of left-wing sink tankers. ..

Conservatives I was surprised Biden’s progressive domestic push and the latest Republican fundraising email describe him as Karl Marx’s friendliness.

Certainly, some Democrats in the middle of the road spend Unnecessary It can also inflate the economy and cause stagflation that would bring Jimmy Carter back.

But Biden hasn’t heard. Instead, he sees what was supposed to be a throat-clearing president, potentially comparable to Franklin Roosevelt’s and Lyndon Johnson’s transformative regimes.


Joe Biden

Biden announced on April 14 a decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. (Andrew Harnick / Pool / Getty Images)

I read the New York Times headline, “Bidden responds to a reputation that tends to be abusive.” It was in 2008, shortly after Obama chose the then Senator from Delaware as his running mate. Attached article Quoting a list of misrepresentations that cause headaches, he called him “a human verbal wreck crew.”

Where did the crew of the verbal wreck go? After explaining Biden appears to have been disciplined by the Oval Office’s restrictions and responsibilities as “a good looking guy with a gab talent” from a former college classmate. He had White House spokesman Jen Psaki talk most of the time, along with senior officials such as economic adviser Brian Deese and Secretary of Transportation Pete Butigeg.

except One unobtrusive press conference With the White House reporters, Biden stayed in the background. According to the official Washington style, his tweets are boring. After making a prepared statement, he efficiently answers one or two questions (if any) from journalists. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic lowered the ranks of journalists roaming the White House campus and restricted Biden’s own travels. The result would have surprised the flashy Senator Biden: Silence.

right Howled Apparently unfamiliar with the president’s media, he accused his limited, unscripted public appearance as a sign of diminished mental acuity. But that moment may be strangely coincidental to Biden’s unexpectedly non-videnesque press strategy. He needed disciplinary action, but the country needed a break from an early morning tweet, but South Lawn shouted a match with reporters and conducted a two-hour interview with right-wing provocate Rush Limbaugh.

There are few signs that people want Biden to talk more, but he looks perfectly fine without talking.And the myriad list Dedicated to his guff, With far fewer updates than many would have imagined.


US service member

2017, U.S. military personnel in Helmand, Afghanistan. (Andrew Renneisen / Getty Images)

Twenty years after American boots first set foot in the soil of Afghanistan in search of Osama Bin Laden and his murderous supporters, they will leave forever. “It’s time for the US military to return,” Biden said in a White House speech earlier this month. And they will return home on an iconic date: September 11, 2021.

Some think this could be a disaster in progress, while others think it’s quite late. Afghanistan could once again become a militant paradise, but we can also find amnesty to welcome the lack of US military presence. In either case, the long-standing American footprint ends in a few months.

What Biden actually announced was no more surprising than he did so early. When he was Vice President, Biden insisted on his then-boss Obama not to put any more US troops into the so-called US troops. Empire cemetery.. Obama instead listened to the Pentagon chief. They believed that they could make progress on earth given the resources. Those chiefs had a similar argument to Biden, only this time the president did not listen.

Afghanistan’s withdrawal announcement once chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and served as Obama’s pointman in several international efforts, as the United States rejoins interim negotiations with Iran and is wary of Russia. It clearly showed what Biden intended. Diplomacy on his own terms.

It may be the most amazing thing about Biden’s presidency: a politician who spent 40 years in Washington as a loyal vice president, defined by his service in the Senate, about who he is and what he is. He believed that he would suddenly shatter his painstaking expectations.


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