The biographer says John McAfee broke at the time of his death after spending millions of dollars on a series of luxury villas and “strange fortunes.”

John McAfee

Computer software pioneer John McAfee speaks with a reporter on December 13, 2012, outside a hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. McAfee, who wants to ask questions in Belize about the killing of a fellow American, arrived in Miami on Wednesday night after being deported to Guatemala. According to fellow passengers on American Airlines flights. Joe Skipper / File Photo / Reuters

  • John McAfee is said to have broken before he died, his former autobiographer said. Daily mail.

  • Mark Eglinton, a writer who worked with McAfee, said he spent millions of dollars on a “strange” mansion.

  • McAfee was involved in financial and legal issues leading up to his apparent suicide.

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Founder of antivirus software company John McAfee He reportedly broke when he died last month after blowing millions of mansions into luxury mansions around the world. Daily mail.

Anglo-American tycoon Apparently committed suicide in a Spanish prison June 23, while waiting for delivery to the United States.

Biographer Mark Eglinton, who wrote a book about his life with McAfee, told email that tech mogul spent millions of dollars on luxury facilities such as Belize, Colorado, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Texas. It was.

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Eglinton told email that McAfee was unable to pay the amount previously requested for the collaboration. The writer reported that the email was “not expensive,” but did not disclose the amount he requested.

“If he could help, he could have helped,” Eglinton said, according to the email. “He said,’I can’t do that, my finances are worse than yours.'”

The author, who said he had spoken to tech tycoons “innumerable times” about his finances, claimed that McAfee was obsessed with buying and building homes.

“He had money on a very safe investment, but he built a house, an absolutely strange property,” Eglinton said by email. “For some of them, he never slept in the land overnight.”

McAfee reportedly 2008 real estate crisis, It caused him to sell much of his property at a loss.

One compound he bought in Woodland Park, Colorado, was worth more than $ 25 million and was put up for auction in 2007 for just $ 5.72 million, according to an email.

Eglinton also reportedly said that the $ 100 million that McAfee earned from selling software security company McAfee Associates in 1994 “goes very fast.”

For McAfee History of financial and legal issues. Last October, he was arrested at Barcelona Airport on a warrant issued by a Tennessee prosecutor for tax evasion of more than $ 4 million.

The US Department of Justice has previously charged McAfee twice. Tax evasion from 2014 to 2018 And again “Unauthorized promotion of cryptocurrency to investors.”

McAfee was also accused of not disclosing the money he earned from cryptocurrencies and speaking fees, and selling his life story rights for documentaries.

Eglinton published his book “No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes” in December as the only author.

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