The black bear ran away with an SC female dog in her mouth.Then a miracle happened

The last thing Alison Morney saw was a bear picking up a miniature schnauzer, Snuggie, from his neck and dragging it into the woods.

After leaving the lab mix Snuggy and Gracie out in Pickens County on Monday night, I got a job at the United States Postal Service in Greenville for a third shift.

She saw the fur standing on her back as she ran out of fur and plunged into the deer’s bait box. In the deer feeding box, bears used to come to eat corn.

She got a flashlight and ran towards the forest. She wanted the dog to see the light and run away. She heard the buzz of the leaves. After Snuggy shouted, she shouted.

Monnie ran down the hill and saw a little bear holding a snuggy behind his neck. Monnie shouted. noisy. The bear shook the snuggie violently.

My thoughts swirled in her head. Are you a baby? Do you have a mom? How can she get to a dog that she thinks is her son?

As she approached, the bear charged her.

“I wasn’t moving,” she said. “I wasn’t backing up. I wasn’t leaving my son.”

The bear was very close and could feel the breath. She prepared for the attack. They looked down at each other.

Then the bear picked up the snuggie and hit the forest.

“I couldn’t explain that feeling to me, and I didn’t want to feel it again,” she said.

Her sister’s boyfriend, Paul, persuaded her not to enter the forest. I didn’t know what was there or who was there. She took Benadryl and went to sleep.

She woke up Tuesday morning when Paul was running into her room.

“He’s alive! He’s alive! I found him! Let’s go!”

He has been looking for it since sunrise.

They hurried to the vet.

Snuggy was attacked, but the vet said his hind legs were paralyzed.

“God is already miraculous and has not been accomplished,” she said.

Monnie said he hopes Snuggy’s story will remind people that they live. Bear country Not the other way around.

“This bear didn’t do anything wrong,” she said. “It was to protect ourselves. The last thing I want in the world is for people to take negative actions against wildlife.”

bear Roaming away from hibernation throughout South Carolina, including those recently seen Lawrence..

Last year, Snaggie repeatedly chased a young bear.

She talked to Snuggy. “One day they will find themselves bigger than you and it will be a bad day.”