“The black mouth is moving, but the white idea is running on the tongue runway.”

Republican and Marine Veteran Winsome Sears Becoming the first black woman to be elected to Virginia’s state-wide office has confused and frustrated much of the media.

During thursday segment MSNBC ReidOut For example, along with host Joy Reed, Professor Michael Eric Dyson is a Republican who opposes the teachings of critical race theory in public schools, and Sears (Old Dominion’s Vice-Governor-elect) is a white supremacist doll. It was suggested that.

“The problem here is that we want white supremacism with ventriloquism effects,” he explained. “The black mouth is moving, but the white idea is running on the runway of the tongue of the person who justifies and justifies. White supremacist practice.

Dyson, who teaches at Vanderbilt University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences and its seminary, argued that the selection of colored women with the opinions of Sears was detrimental to the black community.

“We know that in our own mind, in our subconscious, in our body, we can internalize the very principle of restoring us. Speaking a black face on behalf of the white supremacist heritage is nothing new, “says Dyson.

“What the whites on the other side and the right wing on the other side don’t understand is our regrets studying race. This is Politics 101 … This is a race prekindergarten. You are a black man. When you say, “Looks, there’s a person in the color I support,” that person happens to weaken, weaken, and destroy the very principle we’re concerned about, you point. Will not serve them as an example of your racial progressiveism, “he added.

In response to accusations that her and Republican governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s victory on Tuesday represents a return to a dark era in Virginia’s racial history, Sears begs Reed to participate in the race conversation. bottom.

“I hope Joy Reed invites me to her show — see if she’s a woman enough to do it — I’m in heartbeat and Joy I’ll have a real discussion behind me without talking about me, Sears said when he appeared on Fox News on Wednesday.

“”[Reid] We’re talking about white supremacy, “Sears added. “She knows I played against a white supremacist? I mean joy comes. Straighten your facts and then come talk to me. I’m you Waiting for. “

Democratic governor candidate Terry McAuliffe and his team have been joined by Yongkin and other Republicans as polls have tightened in Virginia over the past few months. “Racist dog whistle” To appeal to their base.Much of the media has swept the race for Virginia state-wide offices on Tuesday as the Republicans swept the race. Run on line Even though the Republican ticket included two colored races, Sears and Attorney General Jason Miyares.

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