The blockade of England has become easier and outdoor social gatherings have become possible.

Relaxed CCP virus blockade regulations have allowed groups of six or two households to meet outside the UK.

The “Stay-at-home order” rule ends on Monday, allowing outdoor sports facilities such as tennis courts, golf courses, and outdoor swimming pools to be reopened.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson reminded the public that many restrictions remain and many businesses are still closed.

“If possible, you should continue to work from home, minimize travel, and avoid busy times and routes,” he said in a video message posted on Twitter.

“I still can’t go abroad on vacation because I don’t want people to bring back new variants of the virus when they come back.”

He said the government roadmap from the blockade was intended to “carefully relax the restrictions” and “do not overdo it and endanger all the progress we have made. Is important. “

Health Minister Matt Hancock also called on the public to continue to pay attention.

“I think the last few months have been tough. Many people are excited to meet friends and family outdoors for the first time in a few months,” he said. statement..

“As evidenced by the growing number of cases in Europe, the virus still poses a very real threat,” he said. “Take this next step safely. When you meet other people, do it outdoors and keep a safe distance.”

The government is urging the public not to be tempted to meet indoors.

Professor Chris Whitti, Chief Medical Officer of the United Kingdom, said:

“The evidence that outdoor spaces are safer than indoors is very clear. It’s important to keep this in mind as you move on to the next phase.”

The ongoing UK-wide blockade of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus began in early January, when the government stated that more infectious variants of the CCP virus were rapidly prevailing in the country.

On February 22, Johnson announced the government’s blockade exit roadmap. As a first step in the plan, the school was reopened to all students on March 8.

Non-essential shops and outdoor hospitality will reopen as early as April 12th. Pubs and restaurants will open indoors from May 17, and cinemas and hotels will reopen.

According to the roadmap, hopefully all legal restrictions on social contact could be removed as early as June 21st.

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