The blue screen of Windows 11 may turn black

Windows 11 BSOD

Windows 11 BSOD

In addition to the obvious changes in the Start menu, Windows 11 seems to have some changes in the “darkness”.Earlier The Verge After exploring in the preview version of the open experience not long ago, I found that the blue screen that everyone is familiar with but really don’t want to see may also change from blue to black in the future. If you insist, this is probably the biggest visual change that the blue screen has experienced since Microsoft added a QR code to this page in 2016…

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But it should be noted that this black page is more like an easter egg in the preview version. Because since 2016, the preview and Insider version of Windows will display a green page when it crashes. Now if you want to see black in Windows 11, you need to modify the registry first. Of course, I don’t know if Microsoft will make any more changes before Windows 11 is actually launched.

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