The board has surpassed its authority by imposing vaccine obligations on the Commons, speakers say.


Ottawa — House of Commons Chairman Anthony Rota says the Chamber of Commerce’s governing body has surpassed its authority when it demanded full vaccination of those entering the House of Commons.

Rota supported conservatives on Thursday, concluding that the internal economic committee was not authorized to impose vaccination obligations.

He said that the House of Representatives itself can only make decisions to limit access to the Chamber of Commerce and other parliamentary buildings.

However, Rota’s decision remains unchanged for parliamentarians and others who desire access to the constituency.

Last week, the Liberal Party and the New Democratic Party approved a motion to join forces to resume hybrid sitting. It also specified that anyone entering the precincts must be fully immunized against COVID-19 or have a valid medical exemption.

Rota, chair of the Internal Economics Committee, said it was important to consider the context of the committee’s decisions made before Commons resumed seating, and to keep people safe after returning to work. Said that it was aimed at.

Conservatives had the option to follow Rota’s decision in a motion either to blame the board or to refer the matter to the Commons Commission. It chose not to move the motion, and the speaker’s office later said Rota thought the problem was closed.

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