The body of a brother who disappeared on a canoe trip a month ago was pulled from Lake Washington

Police said the two brothers disappeared a month ago when they took out a canoe on a lake in Washington.their The body has just been found..

According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, the 19- and 21-year-old brothers went to Lake Howard on January 29.

“Witnesses reported they weren’t wearing life jackets, and no one saw men suffering or submerged,” the agent posted on Facebook. I said in.

The rescuer searched for his brother in the lake. The diving team and drone operators searched the area, the agent said.

The canoe was discovered on January 29, but no siblings were found. The dive team and the United States Coast Guard were unlucky and continued to search the lake for nine days.

Almost a month later, on February 24, a diving team found the bodies of their brothers.

“They were taken to the beach, where Snohomish County coroners detained them,” the agent said. “Coroners not only provide a clear identification of the decedents, but also determine the cause and method of their death.”

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