The body of a judge who went missing on a family vacation was found at the bottom of Lake Arkansas

A search party found the body of an Arkansas judge who went missing during a family trip to the lake, investigators say.

Jeremiah T. Bueker Judge, Age 48,adventure alonesaid the family during a weekend vacation at Mud Lake in Jefferson County, according to an Aug. 7 release by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office.

“After time passed and no one saw or heard of Buker, concerns began. A search for Buker began by family and friends,” the release said.

The sun had set during the search and Booker’s family saw no sign of him, the sheriff’s office said.

With support from the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, agents scoured Mud Lake on foot and by boat.

The search was suspended early in the morning due to poor visibility and resumed at dawn, the sheriff’s office said.

A sonar-equipped boat combed the lake and a body was found at the bottom of the lake shortly after 9 a.m. and recovered, the release said.

Sheriff Lafayette Woods said: “It is my sincere hope that the safe recovery of Judge Buker’s body will bring some sense of closure to the Buker family and those who knew him best.

Investigators believe Buker accidentally drowned, but his body will be sent to the state coroner to determine the cause of death, the sheriff’s office said.

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