The body of software pioneer John McAfee “still in prison in the morgue” more than 7 months after death in Spain: Report

According to the family, the body of John McAfee, a pioneer in anti-virus measures, has not been released from prison in Spain for more than seven months after his death.

McAfee was arrested last October for avoiding more than $ 4 million in taxes in a warrant issued by a Tennessee prosecutor.

The 75-year-old software pioneer died on June 23, 2021, shortly after a Spanish court ruled that he could be handed over to the United States on suspicion of tax evasion.

However, Judge Victor Espigales Jimenez of Spain, who presides over the investigation into the cause of death of McAfee, said the case, his daughter, ex-wife, and lawyer. Market watch..

Meanwhile, the software entrepreneur’s daughter and ex-wife are said to be fighting separately for his body detention.

“As far as I know, they’re not doing anything to their bodies,” Joy Asanasiu, a lawyer representing McAfee’s daughter Jen, told MarketWatch. “I was sitting there [in a freezer in a Spanish prison morgue] All these months. “

It’s not clear what’s causing the stagnation, but Atanasiu may have been slow in court proceedings in Spain, causing delays in the delinquency of COVID-19-related death health examinations in Spain. He added that there is.

Gemma McAfee said he wanted to transfer his father’s body to the United States for cremation, but recently abandoned her legal claim against his body to prevent further delays.

Atanasiu also hopes for friendly negotiations with McAfee’s ex-wife Janice McAfee’s lawyer, Javier Vilarva, and said the process will run smoothly and quickly.

However, lawyers Asanasiu and Nishay Sanan, who handed over McAfee while imprisoned in Spain, told MarketWatch that negotiations were stalled due to the inability to contact Janice McAfee.

Meanwhile, a Spanish court has alleged that Atanasiu either directly represents Gemma McAfee or finds a local lawyer to represent her, causing further problems.

“We need someone physically there to file a document or a formal proceeding,” Atanashiu said. “We communicated via email as in the Spanish online communication system, but it does not count as a formal submission.”

Spanish officials said McAfee’s cause of death was probably suicide, but his widow Janice McAfee argued that his death was not suicide and that the US federal government was responsible.

“I blame the U.S. authorities for this tragedy. Because of these politically motivated accusations against him. My husband is now dead,” she told reporters last June that he committed suicide. He added that he did not.

“His last word was,’I love you and I’ll call you in the evening,'” said Janice McAfee. “He would never quit this way, he never took his life this way.”

McAfee’s last words to her were “not the words of someone with suicidal ideation,” his ex-wife said.

December, Janice McAfee I wrote on Twitter “Since John’s death, efforts have been made to ensure that I will not be in time for my next birthday, but I believe the ultimate goal is to prevent me from surviving Spain.”

It is unknown exactly where Janice McAfee currently lives.

“The investigation into John’s death does not release John’s body until the investigation is complete, so he continues to crawl boringly slowly until he concludes that he will stay in Spain. It’s a procedure, “she writes. “Obviously, being pulled out of the investigation means preventing us from knowing what happened to John, and I believe it means keeping me here in Spain.”

“Apparently I’m a loose end that needs to be tied up,” she added to the post.

The Epoch Times is seeking comment from Janice McAfee and the Spanish authorities.

Catabella Roberts


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