The boy called 911 and reported that he needed a dinosaur.This is how the Florida adjutant reacted


A Florida sheriff’s agent has been praised on social media for his reaction to the boy’s exaggerated idea of ​​what he could do by calling 911.

It happened around 1:45 pm on Tuesday, July 12th. In Orange County, home of Orlando, the boy traditionally did not cause an emergency.

“He thought it was an emergency that he needed a dinosaur,” the Sheriff’s Office in Orange County reported in a Facebook post. “The coordinator explained what the emergency was and sent an agent to check the child and his family.”

The lieutenant stopped by along the way and got two “Jurassic World” dinosaur toys with the ability to roar.

The sheriff’s office said, “The dispatcher actually ordered toys to pick up at the target and agent (who got them) … before chatting with the boy and his dad.” I did.

The identities of the agents and dispatchers were not disclosed.

A photo shared on Facebook shows a barefoot boy holding a dinosaur in his arms while standing on the porch.

The July 13th post received about 3,500 responses and comments in 12 hours. This includes those who prove by a small kind act. “Humanity has not failed.”

Many parents responded and the children secretly admitted that they called 911 for the wrong reason.They thanked the lieutenant for providing the important lessons the boy did. “Remember … for the rest of his life.”

“I think you should know that it’s not just your child. He called 911 just to have his agent greet him.” Victoria Grace L. Constantinidis I wrote in a Facebook post for the department.

“My daughter wanted to know if the police came when she called 911, so she called 13 times,” Jahaira Marquez Padilla posted. “They have come.”

“We have to tell you what the emergency is, but let’s face it … the dinosaurs were important in his little heart. The officer’s very cute and beautiful attitude!” Juliana Valera B. Rios Said.

The lightning boy was given a replica of Mjolnir’s hammer by a Florida rescue team.

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