The boy shot by the police was with the man who shot the gun

Chicago (AP) — A young man with a 13-year-old boy who was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer last month fired a round that caught the police officer’s attention, prosecutors said Saturday.

21-year-old Ruben Roman can be seen in a video firing a weapon that took police to the neighborhood of Little Village that night. March 29.. According to the prosecutor, he and 13-year-old Adam Toledo fled the scene together following the police.

Roman was arrested after another police officer chased Toledo, prosecutors said. Toledo had a gun when the policeman shot him. The gun matched the used cartridge casing found in the area where Roman was firing, prosecutors said.

“If the accused did not bring a 13-year-old child, if he did not bring a gun during probation of a gun criminal, or if he did not shoot the gun 7-8 times on the streets of the city he shot them. A victim standing at his arm length while firing … that wouldn’t have happened, “assistant state lawyer James Murphy said in court, Chicago Tribune report.

Roman lawyer and assistant public defender Courtney Smallwood pointed out that the gun was allegedly recovered from Toledo and violently rejected the implication that Rome was responsible for Toledo’s death.

“The victims are dead in the hands of Chicago police, not my client,” she said, calling Toledo’s death “tragic.”

The Romans were ordered to be detained with a $ 150,000 deposit on suspicion of child danger and possession of a gun.