“The bright day to come,” Boris Johnson says in an Easter message

Boris Johnson admitted that it was

Boris Johnson admitted that this year was a “very tough” year-Getty

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

Boris Johnson said Britain can look forward to a “brighter day” as the country celebrates Easter.

In his easter messageThe Prime Minister admitted that this year was a “very tough” year, but said the holidays brought fresh optimism.

“This was a very tough 12 months, but as usual, the arrival of Easter brings new hope to it,” he said.

“And this year brings us more promises of a brighter day than ever before.”

Johnson acknowledged that coronavirus restrictions mean that many Christians cannot re-celebrate their most important festivals the way they want.

But he paid tribute to the way they showed the teachings of Christ and the message of his death and resurrection “permeating every aspect of everyday life.”

“That’s why we lost a number of church leaders and congregations who stepped up to help us all in these very difficult times,” he said.

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Vaccine tourists are welcome as Serbs say “No Thanx” to Jab

Most of the world is struggling to get enough Covid-19 vaccine, but Serbia is facing another battle. It’s a way to persuade citizens to take life-saving shots.

There are so many vaccines in the small countries of the Balkan Peninsula that provide jabs to foreigners who can stay there, causing an influx of thousands of “vaccine tourists” from neighboring countries.

This situation is the result of diplomatic juggling between East and West, where Belgrade secures about 15 million vaccinations against a population of 7 million.

Approximately 3 million doses have already been given in the Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V and Sinofarm buffets, of which 2 million have been given, making one of Europe’s poorest regions the fastest vaccine on the continent. It is one of the inoculators.

However, according to the government, just over a quarter of those eligible to receive valuable shots applied for one.

People have the Orthodox Icon when participating in protests against coronavirus vaccination and restriction in Belgrade-Reuters

People have the Orthodox Icon when participating in protests against coronavirus vaccination and restriction in Belgrade-Reuters

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Canada exceeds 1 million

Canada faced a third wave of infection on Saturday, surpassing the threshold of one million coronavirus cases as several states were recently forced to tighten restrictions.

Canada announced 2,000 new Covid-19 cases in British Columbia on Saturday night, surpassing one million since the start of the pandemic, according to figures reported by Canadian broadcasters. Over 23,000 people have died.

Canada is tackling the wave of a third incident as more infectious variants spread rapidly.

The two most populous states, Ontario and Quebec, have stepped up their public health measures for the Easter weekend.

World map of cases, deaths and vaccinations, coronavirus

World map of cases, deaths and vaccinations, coronavirus

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U.S. stops production of AstraZeneca vaccine at Baltimore plant

According to the New York Times, US President Joe Biden’s administration on Saturday spoiled 15 million doses of Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine to make another vaccine developed by AstraZeneca. I stopped the factory.

The government has entrusted Johnson & Johnson with a problematic manufacturing plant, the report said.

The extraordinary measures of the U.S. Health and Welfare Service have devoted the Emergent BioSolutions facility to the production of Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccines, citing two federal health officials in the future, according to a report. The purpose is to avoid mistakes. ..

Johnson & Johnson confirmed the change and said it was “all responsibility”, the report added.

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Brazil wants veterinary facilities to help increase vaccine production

Brazil hopes to use veterinary facilities to increase production of the Covid-19 vaccine as it accounts for the worst daily deaths in the world and delays in vaccination efforts, officials said Saturday Said to.

Brazil has already produced or terminated coronavirus vaccines at two major public health agencies, but these efforts are not sufficient to supply the largest Latin American country.

Marcelo Queiroga, Brazil’s fourth health minister since the pandemic began, said he wanted to include a veterinary facility that manufactures vaccines for pets.

“This is not only for supplying to the domestic market and increasing capacity, but also for Brazil as a leader in Latin America, where it can provide vaccines to other countries,” Queiroga told reporters.

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is watching nurses prepare doses of the Sinovac vaccine. -Reuters

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva monitors nurses preparing doses of Sinovac vaccine-Reuters

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