The British government wins a distrust resolution called by itself


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak at the Farnborough International Air Show on July 18, 2022 in Farnborough, England. (Pool via Frank Augustaine / Reuters)

London — On Monday, Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government called for a confidence vote in itself by voting in favor of the minister by members of the governing Conservative Party to avoid triggering national elections. Won.

The opposition Labor Party called on Mr Johnson, who said he would resign, to immediately replace his caretaker leader until his successor was elected to the Conservative Party in early September.

The Labor Party passed a distrust resolution to both the government and Johnson and tried to get him out sooner, but the prime minister had already said he would go, so the government objected that it was unnecessary. The Conservative Party instead proposed a vote of no confidence in the government.

The government won the vote 349 to 238.

Elizabeth Piper, Kylie McClellan, Alistair Smout