The British have told the EU to avoid amber list countries as they loosen travel rules

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set the European Union to block fully vaccinated tourists, so except in extreme circumstances, people should go to countries on the “amber list” I emphasized that it was not.

Portugal, one of the only two places in the EU currently on the UK’s “green list” along with the Faroe Islands, has broken the ranks since Monday when the British were allowed to go on a foreign vacation again. We have begun to welcome many missing British tourists.

During the meeting, the EU ambassador on Wednesday recommended that rules should be changed to allow fully vaccinated people to enter the EU for non-essential visits.

The European Commission welcomed this decision.

This policy must be formally approved by the Ministers of Member States.

Another decision on whether to add the UK and other countries to the EU’s “safe list” will be made on Friday.

Travelers from listed locations can enter the block without being vaccinated, but usually need to show evidence of a recent negative test.

Under the British government Signal system For overseas travel, those returning from a “Red List” country must pay for a 10-day quarantine at a controlled hotel and two CCPs (Chinese Communist Party). Virus testing; arrival of the “Amber List” requires payment of the test fee and self-quarantine for 10 days, while arrival of the “Green List” requires two tests, one before the trip and two days after arrival. You need to receive it.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was only “for urgent business reasons for family and urgent business,” and Environment Minister George Eustice told the BBC: If you follow the quarantine rules when you return home, you can visit your family and friends, and Welsh Secretary Simon Hart told Times Radio that “some people may think that a holiday is essential.”

The prime minister was asked to clarify the rules on Wednesday and told Congress that “except in extreme circumstances, such as serious family illness,” people should not travel to countries on the “amber list.”

“You shouldn’t go to a country on the amber list on holidays,” he said.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson will speak in a question asked by the Prime Minister at the House of Commons in London on May 19, 2021. (House of Commons via PA)

Sir Keir Starmer, the leader of the main opposition Labor Party, accused the government of “losing control of the message.”

“As the government relaxed travel restrictions, 150 flights a day go to amber list countries, and travel agencies are reporting a surge in vacation bookings to those countries,” Starmer said Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questionnaire. Said in Congress.

Johnson replied that Britain has “one of the strongest borders in the world,” adding that 43 countries are on the Red List, which is virtually banned from traveling.

“If you’re traveling to an amber-listed country for an emergency, the extreme reason you have to do when you come back is not only that you have to pay for every test, but also 10 You have to quarantine yourself for days, “he said.

“We are vigilant, we are vigilant, and those who do not follow the quarantine can face fines of up to £ 10,000. [($14,154)].. “

George Morgan-Grenville, founder and CEO of travel agency Red Savannah, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that the industry is “faced with a disaster” and “a very confusing mixed message from the minister. I don’t understand why I have to bear the brunt. ” .. “

International travel rules for England, Wales and Scotland are similar.

Northern Ireland will be allowed to travel to the Common Travel Area, which consists of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man, starting May 24th.

However, Stormont Executives have not made a decision to resume international leisure travel from Northern Ireland.

PA Contributed to this report.

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