The British told me not to be wary of new variants from Yorkshire

British people are being asked not to worry after another new CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus variant has been identified in Northern England.

The new variant, also known as variant # B11482, has been designated as the variant under investigation (VUI).VUI-May 21, 2001-By Public Health England (PHE).

government Said on thursday PHE has been monitoring variants since April, with 49 cases focused primarily on Yorkshire and Hamburg.

Greg Fel, director of public health at Sheffield, said on Friday that his team was monitoring a new strain.

“We are monitoring the VUI-21 MAY-01 and are managing it as closely as we are with all outbreaks in the city,” Fell said in a statement.

“There is no evidence to suggest that this strain is more contagious than other strains found in the UK and around the world, and there is no evidence that the vaccine will not work against this strain,” he said. Stated.

“Don’t worry. We want you to continue what you have been doing for the past year. Follow the guidance, keep your hands washed regularly and wear a mask indoors.”

Downing Street also issued a statement about the new variant.

“There are many variants throughout the pandemic, and will continue to do so,” an official spokesman for the Prime Minister said on Friday.

“As discussed earlier, the B1617 (India) strain has three mutations, but continue to monitor and monitor them, as well as all variants that find and identify them through genomic sequencing programs. Designate it as a variant under investigation, and if it determines that it is at high risk, specify it as a variant of concern. “

“But, as seen throughout the pandemic, that’s what we’ve done and don’t hesitate to take the steps we think are necessary to tackle the transmission of any variant.”

Asked if the discovery of new varieties will affect the next phase of the restrictions that will be lifted on June 21, a spokesman said a five-week gap between mitigation measures would allow varieties to be monitored. I said I would.

“As the Prime Minister said, we will continue to examine all statistical evidence and data and plan as soon as the data allows,” he said.

Bolton UK Surge Vaccination
Mobile CCP Virus Vaccination Center at ESSA Academy in Bolton, England, May 18, 2021. (Danny Lawson / PA)

England is expected to lift all legal restrictions on June 21, if all goes well, but the minister eliminates the possibility of delaying resumption or imposing a local blockade. I have not.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said the decision is due to take place on June 14, and the new variant is one of the four elements on which the Cabinet is based on the decision.

Tim Spector, a professor at King’s College London, who created the COVID Symptom Study mobile app, said he didn’t expect another blockage in the future.

Spector regularly updates videos on YouTube based on the data collected through the app.His first “COVID Question Time” Video On Friday, he said there would probably be no other blockade thanks to the vaccination program.

“I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think it’s because of the growing vaccinated population and the fact that 70% of people who are vaccinated or previously infected will quickly overcome this magic. I think it is unlikely that we will devastate or acquire our country, “Specter said, citing the number needed to reach a state of” herd immunity. “

Specter said COVID-19 could be a “severe cold or mild flu” rather than a “really annoying infection” because vaccinated people are experiencing mild symptoms. It was.

Therefore, Specter said he did not think there was another “reasonable blockade”.

He also questioned the effectiveness of the three national blockades.

“Experts disagree with this, and certainly in this country, according to this app, it’s already blocked after the peak of the three blockade symptoms we had,” he said.

” [The lockdowns] Definitely reduced the number. It’s not really clear if that was an important factor, “Specter said.

“But [I] I hope I’m right, and we hope it won’t be blocked anymore, “he added.

PA contributed to this report.