The captain of the sunken ship was arrested after 34 people were rescued in Maryland, according to the Coast Guard.


According to the United States Coast Guard, commercial fishing vessels sunk off the coast of Maryland were banned from operating with passengers until authorities determined they were sea-resistant again.

It didn’t stop the captain from taking out dozens of paying passengers on Father’s Day weekend, officials said.

at least 34 people had to be rescued The Coast Guard said in a news release Tuesday that the boat-fishing lady-began drinking water in Eastern Bay on June 19. Now the captain has been arrested.

Teransdale Roy has been accused of banning commercial fishing vessels in violation of the US Coast Guard’s port order captain. He was also accused of not reporting a dangerous situation and operating the boat “in a terribly negligent way,” the Coast Guard said.

Roy faces up to six years’imprisonment for two felony charges and one year’s imprisonment for misdemeanor charges.

According to the release, the fishing lady sank at the Kent Narrows pier in May. This is a community about an hour east of Washington, DC, surrounded by the Chester River and Eastern Bay.

The Coast Guard then issued a port order captain that prevented fishing ladies from operating commercially until experts could determine their seaworthiness.

“Roy paid passengers on Father’s Day weekend, without making the necessary repairs to remove the order and ensure the safety of the vessel,” the Coast Guard said. “Because the condition of the ship was substandard, we started sucking water that could not be removed by the ship’s bilge pump.”

According to the release, multiple volunteer fire departments had to rescue everyone on board.

Rescue boat from At least 5 different institutions The Graysonville Volunteer Fire Department said in a Facebook post that it responded to a scene near Tillman Point in Eastern Bay around 9:30 am on June 19.

All passengers were removed from the sunken ship and taken by fireboat and rescue ship to nearby Wells Cove while some officials remained behind to help Roy safely return the fishing lady to the shore. I went.

According to the fire department, one passenger was taken to the hospital for a “heart assessment.”

Further investigations have indicated that there may have been other violations “on proper documentation of substandard vessel conditions, commercial services and unlicensed operations,” according to a Coast Guard announcement.

Cmdr. Baxter Smoke, director of prevention for the Maryland Coast Guard sector, said passengers on charter vessels should always be required to verify the captain’s license and inspection certificate.

“Illegal passenger ship operators pose a significant danger to the public and adversely affect legitimate operators who comply with federal safety requirements,” he said in a news release. “The captain of the port order issued to the fishing lady was aimed at protecting the people.”

In addition to criminal prosecution, the Coast Guard said anyone who owns or operates illegal passenger employment operations can be fined between $ 2,500 and more than $ 95,000.

Individuals may report allegations of illegal charter to the nearest Coast Guard headquarters.

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