The captured missionaries made a bold escape

Haiti POW missionaries found freedom last week According to the agency they work for, by making a bold overnight escape, avoiding kidnappers, towing toddlers and other children, and walking miles in difficult moonlit terrain. Officials said on Monday.

Ohio-based Christian Aid ministry officials, who work for missionaries, said they navigated a group of 12 people to ride a star and secure themselves after a two-month kidnapping. Said at the press conference.

A detailed description of their journey to safety comes after Thursday’s news Missionaries were free..

A total of 17 missionary groups (12 adults and 5 minors) were kidnapped on October 16 immediately after visiting an orphanage in Ganthier in the Croix de Bouquet district. Kids, CAM said. This group included 16 Americans and 1 Canadian.

Their prisoners of war from the 400 Mawozo gang initially demanded millions of dollars in ransom. The other five prisoners had previously reached freedom. It is still unknown if the ransom has been paid.

According to CAM spokesman Weston Shoalter, the twelve who fled last week carried babies and three-year-olds, wrapped them around and protected them from briar and bramble.

“After hours of walking, the sun began to dawn, and they finally found someone who helped me call for help,” he said, and his voice began to suffocate. .. “They are finally free.”

Twelve were sent to Florida on a US Coast Guard flight and reunited with five hostages who were later released.

At a press conference, CAM showed a photo showing the released hostages reuniting and a video of a group singing a song that inspired them during the prisoners of war.

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