The case of Caron Nazario shows that hatred is not just a white illness, but an American illness.


With each new ridiculous example Police illegal activityThe call to do something about police culture is, of course, loud, but one of the key tools promoted by reform advocates may be ineffective. Diversification of police officers and leadership is not a silver bullet.

The latest example is in Windsor, Virginia, where two police officers sprayed pepper and handcuffed a black Latin lieutenant. Caron Nazario, After pulling him in December. Windsor is a small town near Hampton Roads with a military footprint.

Joe Gutierrez, the case’s chief officer, was dismissed over the weekend after local authorities reviewed the video following a civil lawsuit filed by Nazario.

George Floyd case

Even if there were a minority of police officers at the scene of the Nazario incident, the results did not change.That same reality is on display Derek Chauvin Trial in Minneapolis.Of the other three police officers charged in connection with the killing of George Floyd, two are in the minority: Alexander Quen It’s black, And Tou Thao I’m Asian..

Hiring diverse police officers clearly did not end the abusive police culture.

The fact that diversity is not the solution to hatred is not limited to police abuse cases. Diversity is at the core of our country’s hate crime statistics, as tracked by the FBI. 2019, The latest year the FBI released statistics, 10% of hate crimes were from Hispanics, 24% were from blacks, and about 7% were from groups of multiple ethnicities.

Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario has filed a proceeding against Virginia police officers Jogtieres and Daniel Crocker, as well as a December video from police officers. Body cameras and Nazario mobile phones have recently become viral. Windsor police said Gutierrez was fired.

Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario has filed a proceeding against Virginia police officers Jogtieres and Daniel Crocker, and a December video from police officers’ body cameras and Nazario’s cell phone has recently become viral. Windsor police said Gutierrez was fired.

FBI statistics are not unusual. “In New York City, where anti-Asian hate crimes surged about nine times year-on-year in 2020, Only 2 out of 20 arrested Last year was white in connection with these attacks, according to NYPD data analyzed by the Center for Hatred and Radicalism. Eleven were African-Americans, six were Caucasian Hispanics, and one was a Black Hispanic, “reported Masood Farivar of Voice of America.

If we intend to reform the police and defeat America’s hatred, Americans of all races and ethnicities will have to do better.

Of course, it does not exempt whites with changing specific responsibilities.

It dates back to 2016, the last year of the Obama administration. Caucasians described multiple hate crimesAccording to the FBI, it’s 46.3%, but not the majority. That changed during the Trump administration. White hate crimes surge By 2019, it will increase by more than 6 points to 52.5%. That tendency is embarrassing in a country where we should be better.

If there is too much coverage of hatred in the United States, the problem is expressed in black and white. This is the majority of whites who hate confused innocent minorities. It doesn’t match the complex reality. Hatred is an American illness, and all Americans will have to work together to defeat it.

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