The Chinese father attempted suicide because his son was ashamed of being single at the age of 29.

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The 55-year-old father reportedly handed a suicide note to a security guard at Shanghai Station.SOPA Image / Contributor

  • A Chinese man attempted suicide because his son was ashamed of being single at the age of 29.

  • He is reported to have survived the incident and is being treated in a hospital.

  • The incident sparked a social media debate about the pressure on Chinese youth to marry.

The Chinese father committed suicide because he was ashamed that his son was 29 and had not been married yet.

according to Local Video News Outlet KNewsAn unnamed 55-year-old woman handed a suicide note to a security guard at Shanghai Station on January 22, stating that she had overdose the drug. Later, he fainted on the spot, said one of the guards interviewed by KNews.

According to reports, in a note to his son, the man wrote that he “lived a shameful life” because he had not yet started a family.

“Everyone of my age in the village already has children and grandchildren … but you are 29 and haven’t achieved anything,” he writes.

The man was reportedly surviving the case and being treated in a hospital, which triggered a social media conversation about pressure on young Chinese to settle early.

On Weibo, a platform like Twitter in China, one user commented that, as the father himself, he could be involved.

“The father’s responsibility is to raise his son well and give him a good education, but to see him get married and start a business. Only then can he complete his mission. increase.” He wrote..

Others commented that the pressure from the man-in-law was so great that it would be even more difficult for this man’s son to tie a knot now.

In China, it is expected to get married before the age of 30, and it is not uncommon for parents to push their children in that direction, even if they have a blind date.

If young women are over 27 years old and not married, they are called “Chenne” or “remaining female”. this is, Half of young women in Chinese cities say they are not going to hitchhiking..

Dr. Mu Zheng, a sociology expert at the National University of Singapore, told insiders.

“Marriage was also an important marker of social maturity and personal success,” she said.

“Given China’s high housing prices and expectations that men will bear most of their household costs, the transition to marriage shows that men are socially and financially ready. “

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression or is thinking of hurting yourself or killing yourself, ask for help. National suicide prevention lifeline ((((1-800-273-8255) We provide 24/7 free confidential support to people in need, as well as best practices for professionals and resources to assist in prevention and crisis situations.

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