The Chinese father broke down after his son, who he taught every day for a year, won 6/100 on a math exam.


The Chinese father, who reportedly taught his son daily for a year, was infected with the virus because he suddenly shed tears after his son scored 6 out of 100 on a math exam.

Parents of a child in Zhengzhou, Henan received his test score on June 23.His father said when he learned that their son had only received 6 points on his last math test. cryAs seen in video Posted by QiluEveningNews on Weibo.

“I don’t care anymore, my efforts will be wasted, let him struggle alone!” The father said, allegedly.

He can be seen crying and wiping his eyes in the bedroom, and his wife can be heard laughing in the background.

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The man is said to have taught his child every day until midnight for the past year. His disappointment also stems from the inconsistent test results of his son. According to his mother, the child’s score ranged from 40-50 points to 80-90 points on previous tests.

The video became a hot topic on Weibo, and many netizens sympathized with his father’s childcare struggle. However, others argued that the child’s score reflected the father’s inability to teach math.Some viewers also have a father’s Midnight tutoring It may have affected his son’s ability to pay attention at school.

“I teach my kids every day at midnight, but they have a good mental state and need a lot of rest to function well,” said one commenter. Said.. She said, “It’s okay to let her play because her brain can’t think so much that her daughter feels stressed as a child.”

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