The collapse of the building shows the division of the town’s rich middle class

Surfside, Florida (AP) — The collapse of the Surfside Condo Tower is a new luxury building in a small Florida town built for the Global Elite and a building built decades ago for the middle class. It can exacerbate the divisions that already exist between. It has already created a headache for some small businesses.

The town has seen the construction of numerous new condominiums in recent years. There you can get over $ 10 million for a large oceanfront unit over 3,000 square feet (280 square meters) with modern equipment. Meanwhile, a small 800-square-foot (75-square-meter) unit in an adjacent condominium building built decades ago can be purchased for $ 400,000.

South Florida real estate analyst Anna Bosovich said the sector would worsen on June 24 when the 40-year-old middle-class Champlan Towers South least 36 people died And over 100 remain missing.

According to Bosovich, many buyers are not only afraid of possible collapse, but also of the repair costs ($ 80,000 to $ 300,000 per unit) faced by Champlan South owners before the collapse. Because of this, I started avoiding old buildings. These factors reduce the value of old condos, but the prices of luxury buildings will continue to rise.

“The owners of the capital moving here never thought of an old building. Analytics Miami founder Bosovic said,” They bought new and pre-construction structures. I don’t think this will reduce their appetite because they are. “

Prior to the Champlain Towers South tragedy, Surfside, with approximately 6,000 residents on an island 0.5 square miles (1.3 square kilometers) off Miami, was one of South Florida’s most anonymous municipalities, but in January. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have rented a luxury. A condominium in a new building 2 blocks from the collapse.

The town is known for its beautiful beaches and 12-storey restrictions on buildings, in contrast to the adjacent Miami Beach and the world-famous nightlife Bar Harbor. Bal Harbor has upscale shopping and there are two and three buildings. The highest height on the surfside.

Mayor Charles Barckett said the town has experienced an emotional “roller coaster” since its collapse. Using the tropical cyclone Elsa, which demolished the rest of the structure and brought strong winds and heavy rains to the area, intensified what the community was doing.

“We faced a myriad of challenges, but the good news is that all the resources we have are coordinated, everything is focused and heading in the same direction,” he said. ..

Ryan Marmar moved from Palm Beach County to Surfside earlier this year, attracted by Miami’s thriving business environment and quiet town near its large Orthodox Jewish community. On Saturdays, many of the towns are closed for the Sabbath, with the exception of chain stores. The surfside was home to Isaac Bashevissinger, a Yiddish poet and short story who won the 1978 Nobel Prize in Literature.

However, Marmar also signed a contract for a small apartment built half a century ago, just off the luxury condominium where the daughter of former President Donald Trump and his son-in-law lived. While Marmar’s building was built for the middle class, today’s construction is aimed at the elite of New York, Europe and South America, who are attracted to the state’s lifestyle, weather and lack of income tax.

“I’ll pay $ 1,375 (Monday) … across the beach. Ivanka and Jared will pay $ 38,000,” said Holocaust Heroes, a support group for survivors of the Nazi death camp. Marmar, a realtor who also works worldwide, said.

One recent afternoon, in a calm surfside shopping district, Freddie Elias, a co-owner of a barber shop Aramis Armor and a tailor and dry cleaner, had no customers. Both pandemics have hit their businesses hard, and the collapse and consequent road closures have made it difficult for anyone to reach them.

According to Amor, the business district is usually full of families. Many local businesses scattered around downtown offer ice cream, pizza, and coffee.

“They are all very kind and the clients are very good,” Armor said. He said city officials blamed his lack of business and they should not have collapsed the collapsed building.

Elias, who has owned the surfside business for 25 years, hopes that the federal low-interest loan promised by President Joe Biden’s administration to the stores affected by the collapse will overcome him until the customer returns. is. Meanwhile, the partner went to the customer’s home for fitting, rather than having the customer fight traffic to go to the store.

“Since COVID and now this tragedy, it has been very, very bad for us,” Elias said. “We need help.”

The street has reopened this week.


Frisaro reported from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Associated Press writer Mike Schneider of Orlando and Disera Salomon of Miami. Surfside photographer Marta Lavandie. New York researcher Randy Hellshaft contributed to this report.

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