The collapse of the trench kills workers’ time after Texas employees order back, says the Federal Reserve.

Two workers Partial trench collapse in TexasAuthorities say their employer ordered them to be returned to the same trench “to get the job done.”

They returned to an “unprotected 13-foot-deep trench” on October 23 and continued to install residential drainage lines, “not so lucky later,” according to Occupational Safety and Health officials. was”.

According to a news release from the US Department of Labor on April 21, the trenches collapsed again shortly after they re-entered the trenches.

One worker was buried and died, and a second worker was “seriously injured” after being partially buried, according to people familiar with the matter.

Casey Perkins, Austin’s OSHA Area Director, said: “The loss of life for this worker can be prevented and the employer must be responsible for ignoring the safety rules of the excavation.”

Austin’s D Guerra Construction LLC did not immediately respond to a request for comment from McClatchy News on April 25th.

According to a news release, investigation into the fatal case began on October 25, two days after the collapse, when DGuerra Construction notified OSHA of hospitalization. Notification was delayed because the law requires employers to report hospitalization at work within 24 hours.

OSHA exposes D Guerra Construction to the lack of a trench protection system, the risk of cave-in for employees, the failure of excavation inspections, and the potential for workers to hit materials and equipment. I quoted about “intentional violation”. news release.

Contractors also mention violations, including failure to train employees performing excavation work, risk of workers being beaten and depressed, and lack of protective measures when water is in trenches. I did.

Due to these violations OSHA proposed a fine of $ 243,406 According to the news release, D Guerra Construction has 15 business days to “comply, request an informal meeting with OSHA’s Area Director, or challenge the findings in front of an independent Occupational Safety and Health Review Board.” Against.

166 workers from 2011 to 2018 Death due to trench collapse, According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to a news release, in 2019 OSHA reported the deaths of at least 24 workers “while working on trenching and drilling projects.”

OSHA states that all 24 deaths could have been prevented if “necessary safety measures” were in place.

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Missouri miners used “rock-filled equipment” to thwart inspectors, the Federal Reserve said.

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