The Colombian Parliament will change its alcohol rule decisions on the first Thursday of Main Street.

The Colombian City Council has changed its mindset on alcohol rules on the first Thursday of the main event in response to corporate backlash.

In May, the Board passed a resolution permitting the consumption of beer and wine only at Void Plaza at the main event on the first Thursday of this year. This was a break in the nearly decade-long tradition of allowing residents to carry beer and wine with them as they roamed the main shops and restaurants during the event.

But on Tuesday, the council approved a setup that reversed the course and allowed patrons to walk and drink along the main again. Mayor Steve Benjamin assists pedestrian safety at various intersections. He told the state that more police and fire marshal officers are likely to do so.

The council’s redeliberations on alcohol issues were unanimously passed on Tuesday.

“I would like to thank the police chief (Skip Holbrook) and the city manager (Teresa Wilson) for overcoming this,” Benjamin said. “We will continue to enjoy the first Thursday. Everyone should be in their own position and be a responsible citizen.”

During the coronavirus pandemic, I was absent for a year on the first Thursday of the main. However, on June 3rd, Dear Blanca and Stagbriar’s performances at Boyd Plaza will headline.

City and police officials initially stated that the reason for the new alcohol restrictions approved in early May was public safety.

“The event organizers certainly wanted to drink beer and wine to and from the main street during the event,” the manager of the city of Teresa Wilson first said on May 4. Void Plaza. … this was about public safety concerns that arise as people move up and down the streets, unblocked intersections, and people cross. “

However, limiting alcohol to Void Plaza on the first Thursday faced backlash from businesses along Main Street and local business leaders.

May 28, Columbia Chamber of Commerce Formally requested the Board to review the issue.

In a letter to the city council, the Chamber of Commerce’s CEO, Blackstone, said for a long time on the first Thursday, “Celebrating shops, hotels, restaurants, bars and other facilities on the main street, spotlight. It’s an opportunity to hit, and after a year of suffering companies, during a pandemic, many can take advantage of the boosts that First Surge Day can offer with typical alcohol protocols.

“Public safety has proved that the safe environment for participants in this event can be fully maintained,” Blackstone wrote on May 28. As FirstThursday continues to grow, we recognize that this policy needs to be reviewed. But in our opinion, changing our current policy doesn’t attract people to downtown and help businesses rebuild from the effects of the pandemic. “

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