The concert venue hit another blow as Ontario’s COVID-19 regulations ban live streams.

Toronto — Ontario concert venue owners are suffering another COVID-19 setback after the state government has outlawed its second livestreaming show this year.

The latest action in Doug Ford’s “emergency braking” program, introduced last Thursday, has banned virtual concerts at local venues for the next four weeks, an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

But while Lisa’s Bitnew, co-owner of the Phoenix Concert Theater in Toronto, supports government health measures, he says he doesn’t understand why the live music industry is once again on the receiving side of mixed safety messages. ..

She pointed out film and television shoots that would continue throughout the state despite new precautions, and revealed to her why the film crew was considered safe in the studio, but the production crew. Members will not be accepted in an empty concert hall.

Similar measures were enacted in January, forcing the organizers behind many livestreaming concerts and theater shows to postpone or cancel the event under the state’s stricter stay-at-home order.

Under the latest measures, the Toronto venue Horseshoe Tavern has postponed many virtual concerts, including shows with Truth, Terra Lightfoot and Hawksley Workman, until early May.

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