The confiscated cash will not be returned to a Montreal woman accused of threatening Donald Trump

Washington — A Quebec woman awaiting a trial allegedly mailing poison to then-President Donald Trump in 2020 is not entitled to recover more than US $ 2,000 seized by authorities, a U.S. federal judge said. Judged on Friday.

Judge Dubney L. Friedrich stood on the side of the prosecutor who insisted that the money seized from Pascal Ferrier when he was arrested at the border with the United States in September 2020 should not be returned.

A lawyer representing Ferrier, who is detained in a Washington, DC prison, buys basic items such as food while in a virtual court and spends money to call a Canadian family while waiting for a trial. Insisted that it was necessary.

“We really want to get all the shampoos Ferrier wants, all the toiletries she wants, all the underwear she wants, and be able to communicate with her family. I’m here about. Obviously, they’re expensive because they’re in Canada, “said Eugene Ohm, a federal public advocate. He said most prisoners could access money from their bank account or nearby family members.

However, the prosecution argued that cash was evidence that could be presented in court. “Being able to show the jury at trial what the defendant had when he came (including the full amount of the currency) is strong evidence,” prosecutor Michael Freedman told the court.

He also suggests that the sealed filings associated with the alleged actions taken by Ferrier after his arrest are still under investigation, and returning money could pose a “grave danger to the community.” He said he was.

According to Friedman, the alleged actions mentioned in the sealed filing and the disciplinary reports from the two detention facilities where Ferrier was detained are capable of confirming whether Ferrier can withstand the trial. It suggests that you should have a hearing.

“In this case, if we were to be tried here in DC, it would be time to deal with whether the case could go to court,” he told the court.

Friedman requested the court to order Ferrier to undergo a 30-day mental health assessment. This is a motion opposed by the defense. The evaluation will require the Ferrrier to be moved to another facility.

Friedrich did not decide on the request on Friday, but instead asked the prosecution to provide more information about the time it would take to evaluate. She was said by one defendant in a previous case waiting for a similar assessment since September.

The defense argued that Ferrier was suitable for withstanding the trial because he understood the nature of the proceedings and the possible consequences.

“The government has not released any evidence that she does not understand the nature of these proceedings,” said David Boss, one of Ferrier’s lawyers.

Ferrier has been accused of mailing a letter containing poisonous ricin to Trump at the White House. She also faces several federal crimes in Texas, where she allegedly sent a blackmail containing poison to law enforcement officers.

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