The conflict did not lead to a deadly highway shooting, the husband says

Lancaster, PA (AP) — Last week’s shooting killed a Pennsylvania woman on vacation on a North Carolina highway when another driver fired at her family’s car.

Ryan Everly, 40, Told LNP for talk on Monday He may have accidentally pushed another driver to the southbound shoulder of Interstate 95 when he switched lanes before seeing another car, but he exacerbated the situation. There wasn’t.

“I didn’t give him a finger, ring him my horns, or do anything to improve the situation,” Everly said.

Julie Everly, 47, died in hospital After shooting last Thursday..

The Robeson County Sheriff’s Office has described the suspect’s appearance, but investigators have not arrested the suspect. Identified his car, Post Photo Silver 4-door Chevrolet Malibu online.

Eberlys was on a beach vacation to celebrate her seventh wedding anniversary. They each have 6 children after marrying 3 children.

Everly said he switched to the right lane to bypass the slow driver and noticed that Malibu was driving on the shoulder. Malibu’s driver rolled the window and gestured, Everly said.

Everly responded by gesturing apologetic and said he had returned to the left lane. After a while, he noticed Malibu chasing just behind him, and the driver pulled sideways to roll the window and started shooting, Everly said.

“I looked around. The passenger seat window in my car shattered. My wife called my name,” Everly said.

After the bullet was fired, Malibu drove forward, and the driver had his pistol outside the window.

“My immediate attention was directed to my wife, and obviously I decided she was beaten and I got to my shoulder as soon as possible,” he said.

Ryan Everly wasn’t injured.