The cooperation of Canada and the United States does not guarantee border symmetry, the ambassador says.


Washington-Canada’s mission to the United States states that just because the two countries are working together to control a shared border does not mean that they are always moving in perfect symmetry.

Kirsten Hillman states that both Canada and the United States are within the right to make their own unilateral decisions regarding COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Hillman attended a panel discussion on bilateral relations hosted by the Wilson Center’s Canadian Institute today with US Interim Ambassador Arnold Chacon.

The comment is their first public statement since Canada promised to begin cross-border return of fully vaccinated US citizens and permanent residents as of August 9.

However, the US Department of Homeland Security has extended its own restrictions on the Canadian border until August 21st.

Mr Chacon said the two countries are in a “good place” and believe that bilateral talks on the border will continue.