The council will act more quickly to get rid of dangerous birds after the baby’s death


The Brisbane City Council will act more quickly to get rid of aggressive birds after investigations reveal that there have been five complaints about the plunging magpie that caused a five-month-old death in early August. ..

On August 8, Baby Mia was “surprise” by a magpie in Grindemann Park, a suburb of Holland Park in Brisbane, with her mother and father. The mother bent over and fell, seriously injuring the child who was tied to her body. Mia later died of a severe head injury at Queensland Children’s Hospital.

Mayor Adrian Schrinner hopes that pedestrians and cyclists will be safer after the 80-page report recommends early removal of aggressive birds and clearer signs.

The sign was there, but not near where the attack took place.

Schliner has ordered the council to develop new, highly visible, location-specific warning signs and a quicker response to magpie attacks.

“The report reveals that the council needs stronger steps to ensure that experts are called in early and these birds are relocated.” He said on Tuesday.

“Some people believe that plunges are a natural reaction and these birds should be left alone, but in urban areas such as parks and sidewalks, people should always be a top priority,” he adds. I did.

“The changes I made make it clear that whenever there is evidence of a dangerous plunge or escalating aggressive bird behavior, you need to call a state-approved expert. “He said.

Australia’s Casasagihue is known to attack passers-by during the nesting season from August to November, usually peaking in September.

Australians are advised to take precautions during the season, such as avoiding nesting sites and getting off their bikes. The council also puts up signs to warn magpies that plunge and, in some cases, removes birds.

Launched by relatives of the family GoFundMe campaign To raise money to cover funeral expenses and give father and mother, Jacob and Simone time to handle their losses.

“There is no word to begin to explain the torture that Jacob and Simone are suffering. Much faster than we all expected, life was much shorter. Mia was in the light of Jacob and Simone’s life. Yes, it will last forever, “the page read.

So far, we have raised over $ 140,000.

Daniel Y. Ten