The couple planned a wedding in a Florida mansion without the owner’s OK.

A Florida couple tried to host a two-day wedding reception in an unauthorized mansion. The owner called the police when he learned of it on the day of the upcoming wedding reception.

Groom Courtney Wilson and bride Chenita Jones sent elaborate invitations to family and friends to attend a wedding at the “Dream House and Mansion.” However, they did not get permission from the owner Nathan Finkel to hold the event. Miami’s NBC affiliated WTVJ report.

The detailed invitation explained their love story and how they reunited with God’s intervention 30 years after their high school encounter. They required guests to attend the ceremony and reception, which lasted until midnight on Saturday. The station then reported that they would return to the mansion for an afternoon brunch on Sunday.

According to WTVJ, when Wilson appeared with another person on the morning of the wedding day and was ready to begin “preparation,” Finkel saw them at the gate and immediately called the police.

“I have people who break into my property,” Finkel told the 911 Dispatcher. Sun-Sentinel in South Florida. “And they continue to harass me and call me. They say they are having a wedding here, and that’s the message of God. I don’t know what’s going on. I All I want is to stop it. “

When the police arrived, they asked Wilson to leave the property immediately and not come back. According to WTVJ, Wilson was not charged in response.

According to Sun-Sentinel, Finkel put the property on the market almost two years ago and is currently for sale for $ 5.7 million. According to WTVJ, the mansion with swimming pool, hot tubs, bars, gazebos, tennis courts, elevators and bowling alleys was owned by Finkel’s late father, formerly an IHOP restaurant franchise.

A few months ago, Wilson visited real estate in an open house and pretended to be a buyer, according to Sun-Sentinel, said Keith Polyakov, a Southwest Ranches lawyer with a suburban mansion.

Apparently Wilson called Finkel a few months after his visit to the open house to ask if he could use the backyard for the wedding, but Finkel immediately declined, Polyakov said. I told the newspaper.

Ultimately, there was no Wilson and Jones wedding that day, and certainly not in their dream mansion.

“The man didn’t realize that Nathan lived in another house, thinking it was a vacant house,” Polyakov told Sun-Sentinel. “This guy didn’t know he lived there. Do you know the shock that must have been on his face when he appeared at the gate and the owner was at home?”