The couple spent $ 300,000 to build a hidden underground house that could be entered down a 12-foot spiral slide — hidden in an unpretentious tent.


Tree house of tranquility: alchemy

Inside this tent in Asheville, North Carolina, a hidden slide leads to an underground house.Maxwell Windolf

  • Caroline and Mike Parrish created an Airbnb that resembles a tent with a hidden 12-foot slide.

  • Airbnb (called “alchemy”) slides in Asheville, North Carolina lead to an underground house.

  • The couple’s company, Treehouses of Serenity, is building unique accommodation in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Married at the age of 16, Mike and Caroline Parish own a community of vacation tree houses near the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina.

Tree house of tranquility

Caroline Parrish (left) and Mike Parrish (right) in Asheville, North Carolina.Courtesy of Mike and Caroline Parish

Parish launched their company, Tree house of tranquilityIn 2016, we built a unique travel destination along the Blue Ridge Mountains in Asheville, North Carolina. So far, we have built 7 properties.Wizard’s indentation” When “Perch“It’s an elevated tree house. On land, we didn’t know what to do at first,” he told insiders.

“One night we sat watching the Treehouse Masters. Caroline told insiders,’Why don’t you try the Airbnb Treehouse because it’s a very cool little town in Asheville?’ rice field.

“We started talking about it in 2015,” said Caroline, 45. “And at that time, the idea was just a traditional tree house, but it evolved from it.”

The couple later appeared in Season 2 of the DIY network “The Treehouse Guys” and built the first treehouse. “Sacred area.” They have completed the latest additions, “alchemy“Underground house with hidden slides, February of this year.

Parrish began construction of “Alchemy” in August 2021 and officially opened it to Airbnb guests in February 2022.

Tree house of tranquility: alchemy

The Treehouses of Serenity has built an Airbnb “Alchemy” (pictured) hidden under a camp tent.Maxwell Windolf

Mike tells insiders, they say,alchemy“When I came across a photo of an underground bunker while searching for Pinterest. The couple settled in a camping tent because they wanted to create an unexpected entrance to an underground house.

“We wondered what was happening in the world when people put their tents there and pulled them up to think,” he said about building an underground house. “Then they go into the tent and find the slide.”

Caroline added that she wanted to make Airbnb look “like a tent” outside.

Caroline and Mike said it would take 6-8 months to build a well-equipped tree house, but that time depends on the project. They said it would cost about $ 300,000 to build “alchemy.”

As of Friday, the property can be rented at Airbnb $ 396 per night.

During the construction phase, Mike and Caroline said they took advantage of the sloping terrain of the mountains.

Mike and Caroline took advantage of the sloping terrain of the mountains.

Parish (left) built into the land to create “alchemy” (right).Courtesy of Mike and Caroline Parish

Mike said the slopes of their land initially looked like obstacles.

“At first, our land planners didn’t think real estate was good for anything because our land is really sloping,” Mike said. “But it’s great for giving people a tree house feel or an underground feel.”

Their first property, “Sanctuary,” is built like a traditional tree-top house, while other properties, such as “The Aerie,” are built on stilts. Both “Dragon Hill” and “Alchemy” are underground structures.

Caroline said building an underground house like “alchemy” is like building a basement.

There were some issues along the way, such as pandemic-related supply delays.

Tree house of tranquility

The “alchemy” roof under construction (left) and the 12-foot slide under construction (right).Courtesy of Mike and Caroline Parish

One of the challenges Mike and Caroline faced in their business, like many others, was the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, when contract workers were infected with COVID-19, they said the project was suspended for two weeks. According to Mike, there was also a problem getting the materials he needed. Supply shortage..

Another challenge was to create a roof for the property. They said this requires special care to ensure that the measurements and placements are correct. Mike said they made a roof skeleton, reinforced it with steel beams, and poured concrete into the skeleton.

“It’s important,” he added. “Steel beams are different from wooden beams, which can do a lot of things. When you cut a steel beam, it is cut and placed in the right position.”

“Alchemy” looks like an unpretentious tent at first, but when you pull the flap back, you come across a 12-foot slide that leads to an underground house.

Tree house of tranquility

A 12-foot spiral slide takes guests from a tent on the ground to Airbnb (pictured).Maxwell Windolf

The tent is located on the roof of the house, so guests can step into the tent and then slide into Airbnb. Airbnb is a one-bedroom home with a queen-size bed and fold-out duvet that can accommodate four guests.

Inside, you will be greeted by a quirky decoration that imitates the canvas of a colorful tent.

Tree house of tranquility: alchemy

“Alchemy” is equipped with amenities such as air conditioning and bathroom with shower.Maxwell Windolf

Caroline told the insider that she and Mike wanted to spread the tent motif throughout the house, so they covered the ceiling and walls with various cloths from a South Carolina warehouse.

“We certainly didn’t want to use the seat lock wall, keeping in mind that the interior should look like a tent,” Caroline said. “I bought many yards of cloth to put on the wall.”

“We tied a knot on the fabric and put a flag on the top to make it more capricious,” Caroline added.

Despite its compact size, the microphone and Caroline take up space, giving guests access to modern appliances and amenities.

Tree house of tranquility

The kitchen (pictured) contains a refrigerator and other modern appliances.Maxwell Windolf

Like all the couple’s properties, Airbnb has heat, electricity, air conditioning, and complete plumbing, they told Insider.

The kitchen has utensils, a microwave, a refrigerator and a coffee maker. List of Airbnb.. You can sit at the table near the counter or near the window.

The house also has a bathroom with a shower.

“Alchemy” offers views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just like any other property built by Parish.

Tree house of tranquility

“Alchemy” and other properties were built near the Blue Ridge Mountains.Maxwell Windolf

Caroline and Mike said that “Alchemy” has large windows in the kitchen that give guests a daily glimpse into the Blue Ridge Mountains.

DIY items are included in the interior design of the house.

Tree house of tranquility

“Alchemy” can be used by 4 people with a queen size bed and a foldable futon (photo).Maxwell Windolf

Caroline and Mike not only hung the underground house on the wall like a tent to make it feel like a tent, but also layered some floor coverings on the ground to give the space a cozy atmosphere.

Caroline said he cut out the old rugs and placed them on the other side of the room, then heat-glued them in place.

The tent theme continues in the outdoor sitting area, which Parish calls “enchantment.”

Tree house of tranquility: alchemy

Instead of sliding, you can use the side doors to access the rental property.Maxwell Windolf

Near the entrance next to the house (which you can use if you can’t use the slides to get into the underground Airbnb space) is another tent “enchantment” set up next to an outdoor sitting area with a fire pit.

Guests have left an enthusiastic review of “Alchemy” on Airbnb, with one TikTok video about the property being viewed millions of times.

Tree house of tranquility: alchemy

A photo of “alchemy” showing a view of a tent and mountains in North Carolina.Maxwell Windolf

“People really noticed it,” Caroline said of the visitor’s reaction to the property.

“Magical Stay! Nothing like this!” One of the former guests wrote in a June review on the property’s Airbnb list. “The house was luxuriously decorated, but it was very beautiful. The scenery was breathtaking and the sliding entrance was a lot of fun!”

A former guest wrote in another review in May: “When I saw the tent and thought it was, my kid and husband were very surprised. The slides and all the fun details surprised us adults as well as my kids.”

TikTok users @hannahsshoes, Parish friends also admire this property.She shared video Her stay in “Alchemy” in March 2022 to her 78,000 followers. As of Tuesday, her videos have been viewed 3.6 million times and liked 721,000 times.

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