The court gives James-Younger’s mother full custody, but requires puberty suppressants and sex reassignment surgery permits.

Texas Judge Granted Full Custody of 8 Years Old James Younger To the mother who has fought Publicly turning his son into a girl against his father’s will.

Judge Mary Brown gave Anne Georglas full custody on Tuesday, giving her mother exclusive control over James’ main residence, counseling, dosing, education and extracurricular activities. This allows Georgias to withhold information from James’ father, Jeff Younger. “Regarding children’s extracurricular activities, school functions, school admission, counseling, and medical care.”

However, while Georgias has the exclusive right to consent to James’ medical procedure, the order states that its authority does not extend to hormone-suppressing therapy, puberty-suppressing agents, or sex reassignment surgery.

The attention-grabbing custody case has been public for years, as Georgeras insisted on identifying her son as a girl named Luna. Young people objected, saying that James chose to present himself as a boy in his home, even though he optionally wore feminine clothes in his son’s closet.

Georgras claims that he chose the name “Luna” after expressing his desire to be a girl at a young age and then showing his preference for women’s pronouns and Disney Princesses. However, Younger says he has a 3-year-old James video saying that James’ transgender status is unnatural and that “mama” told him he was a girl.

According to the ruling, Younger “could not pay child support, medical expenses, and interest in a timely manner as ordered, and paid overdue child support only after the petition for enforcement was filed.” That is.

“The previous order that Georgulas had to notify Younger about doctors, counseling, mental health appointments, or children’s extracurricular activities has been lifted. Ensuring children’s mental health and physical safety. To do so, the court orders that all of Mr. Younger’s period of possession be continuously supervised by forensic counseling services .. .. At Mr. Younger’s sole expense and expense. “

The ruling was issued after Georgias had a virtual hearing a month ago, claiming that her child’s gender identity was in direct contact with the custody case.

“This is not a gender issue for the child,” said Jessica Janicek, a lawyer at Georgias. Texan.. “This is a highly conflicting custody case, and we hear a lot of problems with Jeff’s ability to raise children.”

However, Jeff Younger argued that James’ gender identity was central to the case, and that his accusations were the result of his reluctance to treat his son as a girl.

“It’s absolutely misleading and wrong to downplay that this is due to gender issues. In this case, it’s all about gender issues. And it addresses and addresses this situation. It’s about the abilities of my parents, “said young lawyer David Hanshen.

The Georgulas team insisted: The young man refused to carry out court orders, including the necessary counseling and educational decisions. They also stated that their father was repeatedly late in paying child support, but Younger disputed the claim and claimed that he had paid on time, but the Attorney General’s office paid for them. I was late.

Younger said he wouldn’t oppose the counselor However, I feel that the system has been made into a game.

“When a child is brought in [the counselors], The child comes from the custody of the mother and is always dressed as a little girl. Dad owns it only on Friday, and neither of the two professionals has business hours on Friday. And he thinks it’s really unfair that the presentation of a child to the counseling system is done only with the support and control of one parent, and I agree with him, Hanshen. Explained.

Parents also raised disagreements about the length of their son’s haircut and school education. Georgelas takes the boy to a public school, but Younger wants him homeschooling because he is concerned that the school will encourage James’ female identity.

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