The crowded field is set up for North Miami elections.This is the person running

Three of North Miami’s five elected seats will be available next month, with 13 candidates, including a seven-way race to replace the limited-time councilor Carolky after Tuesday’s qualifying deadline. Mixed to fill the candidates.

In the May 11 election, Mayor Philippe Bien Aim will face a challenger at Michael Etienne, a former North Miami city clerk.

Councilor Mary Estim-Irvin fights three enemies in District 3. Security company owner and former councilor candidate Wansito Francius, local activist Laura Hill, and former city council member Jean Marcels.

In District 2, the seven candidates for Keys’ seats include Kevin Burns, who was the mayor of North Miami from 2005 to 2009. He ran for Senator Florida in 2010 and 2016. Six other candidates: lawyer Estherbrin (former city council member Michael Bryn’s wife), lobbyist Michael McDearmaid, former health care manager Hector Medina, former North Miami spokesman Cassandra Timos, Political newcomer William Welsh, non-profit president Jessica Warland (daughter of former North Miami Mayor Frank Warland).

It all assumes that the filing checks of the candidate’s campaign are clear and meet the residence requirements to carry out, city clerk Vanessa Joseph told the Miami Herald on Tuesday.

So far, the three candidates are said to be unqualified. By city website: Evens Samuel Bien-Aime in District 2 (not related to the mayor), and Brothers Bryan Nigel Ali and Tahamood Ali Jr. in District 3 both listed the same home address on the campaign form. Bien-Aime and AliJr. Has recently withdrawn from the race.

The city clerk did not immediately provide details on why these three candidates did not meet the eligibility requirements.