The customer says the diner will leave a tip of $ 4,400 and the server will be fired by Arkansaw’s restaurant.


One of the customers said the server, which received a $ 4,400 tip from the “$ 100 Dinner Club,” was immediately fired from an Arkansaw restaurant.

The club’s concept was to leave a $ 100 tip as a way for each diner to prepay it. Grantwise, the company hosting a real estate conference in Arkansas, coordinated the act when he and others ate in Bentonville’s oven and tap.

“We knew that the server was really hit through COVID, which (a friend) came up with to give back.” Wise told KFSM.

Wise told KNWA that he called the restaurant before eating. Check the tip policy.. Ryan Brandt, one of the two servers, was weeping when Wise informed her of their actions after a meal.

Wise’s group diners and everyone who donated money online made money by paying a total of $ 4,400.

Rebecca Soto, The person who shot the interaction Between Wise and Brandt, he said it was “great” to give back.

“I am humbled to be part of something so beautiful and generous to bless someone without knowing it in advance,” Soto said.

But that hint caused problems for Brandt’s restaurant in northwestern Arkansas.

“Catastrophic,” says the waitress

According to Brant, KNWA reported that restaurant management asked to share tips that weren’t previously requested with all of its colleagues. This wasn’t Wise’s intention, so he gave Brandt money outside the restaurant.

The waitress was then fired “because he violated the policy by telling Wise about pooling hints,” Brandt told KNWA.

“It was devastating, I borrowed a fair amount for student loans. Most of them were turned off for a pandemic, but they will be on again in January, and it’s It’s a harsh reality, “Brant said.

Wise said he was “sad” When he learned that Brant was fired from her job. He started GoFundMe to cover her costs.

“I don’t fully understand why this happens, even though I look like such a sweet and kind-hearted woman,” Wise said. “Still, I promise to show her that there are wonderful people in the world who do the best they can!”

Reaction to the restaurant

After dismissing Brandt, ovens and taps were reportedly flooded with negative reviews on Google and Yelp.Seemed to have a restaurant as well I temporarily disabled my Facebook account..

In a statement to KNWA, Oven and Bread said they “fully respected” the group’s request to provide chips to the two servers. There were no additional comments.

Wise said in a GoFundMe update that Brandt was offered a job at another restaurant and started working on December 8th.

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