The Czech Prime Minister has stated that there is “really no place” for Afghan refugees in Europe.


Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš said on September 7 that the European Union “has really no place” for Afghan refugees, leaders should adopt a solution and help Afghan people stay in their own country. Added.

“There really isn’t a place for them in Europe,” Babiš said after meeting with Slovak and Austrian counterparts who share similar views on illegal immigrants in Europe.

“A better alternative is a solution that keeps people in Afghanistan,” Czech leaders added, amid growing concerns about an escape from a needy country.

Babiš spoke at a press conference on Tuesday after a meeting with Slovak Prime Minister Eduardo Hager and Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz at the Rednis Castle in southeastern Czech Republic.

All three leaders agreed to oppose illegal immigrants, but shared the same view on the fight against human smuggling. Gandhara reported.. Austria has already planned to donate $ 21.3 million to support Afghanistan in countries adjacent to Afghanistan, Kurz said.

“We try to relieve their suffering, but I agree that 2015 will never happen again. We are against illegal immigrants and will fight traffickers,” Kurtz said. rice field. “We need to find a solution in the region and not cause a new escape to Europe,” he added.

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Austrian Prime Minister Sebastian Kurz will speak at a press conference before the meeting with the German Chancellor at the Prime Minister of Berlin on August 31, 2021. (KayNietfeld / AFP via Getty Images)

The three countries are on the growing list of countries, including Greece and South Africa, which have expressed concern about the potential for a surge in illegal immigrants trying to cross the border following the rise of the Taliban regime.

Afghanistan’s lightning takeover by a designated terrorist group will resist the repeated refugee crisis of 2015, when nearly one million people fleeing the Middle East and beyond traveled from Turkey to Greece and traveled to wealthy states north. It is fueling the European Union.

Greece has already announced that it has claimed to not allow the 2015 crisis to repeat itself. Border forces have warned the country not to become the gateway to Europe again, and Greece has already strengthened its border defenses in recent months.

Last week, South Africa also said it was “not in a position” to accept additional Afghan refugees who had fled to neighboring Pakistan.

“Unfortunately, the South African government is not in a position to respond to such a request,” said the South African Ministry of Foreign Affairs. statement In response to the request to the country, he called for consideration of accepting a large number of refugees.

“There are already quite a few refugees living in South Africa and they are devoted to meeting their needs,” he added. “Most of them have already benefited from the social support and free health care programs provided by our country.”

The United Nations (UN) said in August that it estimated that up to 500,000 Afghan people could escape the humanitarian crisis of their homeland in the worst-case scenario.

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