The Dallas Cowboys deserve to lose, but Mike McCarthy should blow those referees up this time

Mike McCarthy rarely lets his emotions out of the house, but this is one regular season game he’s been craving.

Did the Cowboys head coach throw a headset, or pick a few four-letter words? Maybe dozens.

Sunday is what they should have had.

Ultimately, both he and the Cowboys gagged in their first game back coaching with the team that fired him, but there will be a few or ten plays he never wants to see again.

Or, when they do, it will be a submission to the NFL office to show how the authorities blew it.

The Cowboys had to trail the Packers by at least 10 points and had a two-touchdown lead in the fourth quarter before letting Aaron Rodgers do what he did against the Dallas Cowboys.

The Packers won 31-28 in overtime and the Dallas Cowboys won 6-3.

It was the first time in franchise history that a team had a 14-point lead and lost in the fourth quarter. They were 195-0 in such games before Sunday.

terrible. terrible. Pathetic.

The Packers went 3-6 into the game and looked terrible compiling a losing record for a Hall of Fame quarterback. HOF QB who contributed so much to the acquisition McCarthy waived by Packers in 2018.

This is a loss the Cowboys should blame themselves for, but some of these referees deserve to sit on the sidelines.

The Cowboys’ run defense allowed the Packers to enter this game. Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and his receiver made some terrible mistakes in the first half. A few guys you’ve never heard of have played for the Packers’ offense.

One thread in the Cowboys and McCarthy era is a commitment to taking penalties.

On Sunday, they committed nine penalties for 83 yards.The Packers said he committed six penalties for 40 yards.

There are at least two incidents with referees that infuriated McCarthy.

To start overtime, the Cowboys were driving with the ball. On the second down play, Cowboys running back Malik Davis ran for 16 yards to the Packers’ 26.

At least the Cowboys were in field goal position. Instead, security guard Connor McGovern was summoned to put the perimeter call on hold.

After two plays, on third down, Prescott had receiver CeeDee Lamb in one with single coverage. The Packers defensive his back, Jaile his Alexander, wrapped up Lamb, who had zero chances of catching a pass.

No penalty.


On 4th down, McCarthy picked it off. Prescott did not open his receiver and narrowly threw off an incomplete pass to avoid a sack.

The Packers scored on the ensuing possession to win the game.

Pass interference calls at the defensive back have become as difficult and common as holding penalties at the offensive line.

These infractions are so frequent that referees can flag them on almost every play. Not calling these penalties is an impossible judgment call.

And even when it’s obvious, they still have to do it. please do your job

The Cowboys should have at least had their first down around the Packers’ 32-yard line.

Perhaps Cowboy’s drive eventually stalls and he loses the game either way. Given the flow of the match, this was him one of the days they deserved to lose.

Their defense has runs. so that anyone can do it.

The Packers ran for 207 yards on Sunday.

The Cowboys’ offense saw an embarrassing communication issue between Prescott and tight end Dalton Schultz in the first half that led to a 14-point swing going the wrong way.

Ram made a big mistake in the first half when he undercut Root and ended up being an interception for the Packers.

The Cowboys have done enough damage to themselves that, ultimately, they will have to own this loss as their own.

They had help too.

The referee blew two calls at a pivotal moment in a game that cost the Cowboys, angering the usually stoic coach and letting his emotions out of the house.