The Dallas Mavericks will regret this.Kyrie Irving trade is a desperate move

The Dallas Mavericks are desperate to have an All-Star next to Luca.

Uncle Drew is coming to the Mavs.

it’s fun right. it’s fun right.

And don’t cry when Kyrie Irving goes to Rondo and this movie explodes.

on sunday, According to ESPN and other mediaThe Mavericks sent guards Dorian Finney-Smith and Spencer Dinwiddie to the Brooklyn Nets along with a 2029 first-round pick and a second second-round pick, a brainless NBA version of Socrates. In exchange for the All-Star Guard, which I am proud of.

Irving, 30, revealed last week that he has no intention of leaving the Nets this offseason and hopes to be traded.

I love the boldness of Mabus.

I hate this move.

Adding Irving next to Luka Doncic makes the Mavericks a more talented team instead of a better one.

one here Primadonna Net What you want, and it’s not Kyrie (hint: he’s Longhorn).

Kyrie counts Terrell Owens, Lamar Odom, Rajon Rondo, Karl Everett, Greg Hardy, and other crazy people who have graced our fields and courts with their talents as role model teammates. It looks like

Kyrie is what the guys call “crazy hot”.

Please do not touch.

That way it won’t burn, it won’t destroy it.

Just ask the Cavaliers. Ask the Celtics. ask the net.

he’s not worth it.

The NBA trade deadline is February 9, and the Mavs are currently being contested as the NBA’s most disappointing team this season.

Who Knew Jalen Branson this good?

The Mavs are 28-26, sixth in the Western Conference. They are basically two games away from the 10th seed and 9 games away from the 1st seed.

The problem is the problem. Luca has no quality friends.

Kirie is fine. I don’t know if he is my friend.

The Mavs are 0-7 when Luka Doncic isn’t playing, including a six-point loss to Golden State on Saturday night.

Mavs GM Nico Harrison and owner Mark Cuban had to do something if they wanted to be a threat in the West.

Add in the talent of Kyrie Irving and you’ll do just that.

Even with the addition of Kyrie Irving’s personality, it doesn’t.

When Kraie said he wouldn’t be returning to the Nets, the team had no choice.

Cuban has shown that he is willing to swing. This is the team that added Rondo, Lamar Odom and Dennis Rodman and took the flyer. Wang Zhizhi, Great men like Antoine Rigodeaux.

Kyrie keeps Mabus interesting. He’s a great ball he’s a handler, scorer and finisher.

he Averaged 27.1 points and 5.3 assists 40 games this season.

He’s just a trash pro.

Ask the Cavaliers again. Ask the Celtics. ask the net.

He is the embodiment of an overly capable and perpetually spoiled American basketball star from the AAU circuit. He’s an alpha who doesn’t want responsibility or consequences.

LeBron James may be the only personality in the NBA big enough to put Kyrie in that spot. James Harden wouldn’t do it. Kevin Durant couldn’t do that.

Kylie’s presence tests Doncic’s ability to run this team unlike any other teammate in his career.

The question is when Kyrie will discover the Mavs anomaly.

No organization is more player-friendly than the Mavericks. Kyrie It’s a child who pouts at the color of the changing room. jersey design. weather.

(Good news, he’s not complaining about Texas’ COVID policy).

It’s always something, not Kirie.

And ultimately, his passive-aggressive, righteous rage will fall on head coach Jason Kidd.

Kidd needs talent like Irving, not kids like Irving.

Nico and Cuban put together a decent team. With Doncic and forward Christian Wood starting, the team has a winning percentage of .620.

Doncic put on the cape and beat the Detroit Pistons as Branson went to New York (Doncic scored 53 in a 6-point win over the Pistons 14-40 on Jan. 30).

Losing Maxi Kl├ęber to a hamstring injury couldn’t be more tragic.

look at the team They need players. real player. Not just good players.

Kyrie Irving is a real player.

And he’s still not worth it.

Because Kyrie Irving is hot.

crazy hot.

Do not touch