The Dans take a “huge step” towards justice in claiming damages after taking testimony

Harry Dunn’s parents, a teenage motorcyclist, said he “stood up and spoke for him” after submitting evidence under an oath in a claim for damages against his son’s murder suspect.

Charlotte Charles and Tim Dunne gave legal testimony during Thursday’s testimony after taking off to the District of Columbia earlier this week.

Dan’s parents faced a lawyer acting on behalf of suspect Anne Sakurus, who left Britain after his death in August 2019 at the age of 19 and after being claimed diplomatic immunity on her behalf.

Charles told PA news agency that her recent trip to the United States was “difficult and difficult,” but “he can’t speak for himself now, so we stand up and talk for him. I did. “

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Harry Dunn in a photo without a date. (Family handout / PA)

Sacoolas was charged with killing a teenager in dangerous driving after leaving the UK, but the request for delivery was denied by the US State Department last January.

A 43-year-old woman must also give legal testimony by the end of August as part of a civil proceeding.

Charles said in a statement after taking the testimony:

“We can’t go into the details of what happened, but we had to come to the United States to take testimony directly, and that’s what we did.

“Today was a difficult day and a difficult journey, but in the midst of a pandemic, but in reality we come to the United States and talk about the effects of his son Harry and his loss. Is easy. We all had it.

“We endure life, not alive, but we do everything ourselves and get justice for the boy and ourselves.

“He deserves it. We deserve it, and we will not stop until we achieve justice in both civil and criminal cases.”

Testimony recording is part of the “discovery” process in Dan’s allegations, and correspondence and documents related to the case are handed over prior to the year-end trial.

The damages claims filed against both Sakurus and her husband Jonathan unearthed a large amount of unheard-of material, including the role of the State Department that the couple had at the time of the crash.

The Alexandria District Court in Virginia, USA, has heard that the pair’s intelligence activities were the “factor” for their withdrawal from the United Kingdom, and that Sakurase appeared in court for “safety reasons.”

Charles added: “I think Harry would have been proud of us today. He can’t speak for himself now, so we stood up and spoke for him.

“Since we came here this week, the American people have been very nice and supportive, and we are very grateful for all their support.

“But now that we’re doing what we had to do, we can’t wait to get back to home safety.”

Dan’s father said the testimony record showed a “huge step” in the quest for justice in civil proceedings.

He tells PA:

“The accumulation of coming to this trip for testimony is very stressful for our whole family and we are now looking forward to finishing it and going home.

“Harry was everything to me. I can’t stand without him, but I know I have to.

“He won’t come back, but he can honor his life by doing what we do, and he leaves a huge legacy behind him with everything our campaign has achieved. I’m going. “

Civil lawsuits are one of the many legal proceedings that the Dan family has entered into to ensure the justice of their son.

Earlier this month, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said Britain had a clear path to promoting a form of “virtual trial or process” in the case.

Dan added: “This trip wouldn’t have worked any better. We feel we have taken another big step towards gaining justice in a civil lawsuit.

“We know that the criminal case has also made the way clear. On behalf of the family, I have told both London and Washington authorities to alleviate our suffering a bit and justice in the criminal case.

“It’s been almost two years since Harry died, and now it’s time for them all to do the right thing.”

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