The date coach confirmed the 27-year-old hinge profile and said that all photos except the dog photo need to be replaced.

Maya Vega Date Profile

Maya Vega / Insider

Maya Vega is a 27-year-old woman from New York City who wants to meet new people and date with Bumble, Hinge, and Tinder.

“I’m trying to convey that I’m fun, friendly, my dog, good style, and very open to meeting new people,” Maya said.

She is a clinical psychologist andRide the Edge: A Song of Love for Deborah,” for Insider Dating App Clinic..

Tobin told Insider Maya that her biography and photos need to be modified to increase the chances of matching with the right person.

Maya needs to include more candid pictures in her profile-like pictures of her and her dog

Maya Vega

Maya Vega / Insider

Maya’s dating profile has a variety of pictures, many of which are with friends. Her photos have no theme, so Tobin said that different photos can confuse people about what they’re looking for in the app.

Tobin said he should reduce the number of pose photos with friends and increase the number of candid photos in order to showcase Maya’s personality. A good example of this is a picture of Maya and her dog.

“This picture shows that she is kind and affectionate,” Tobin said.

Tobin did not change Maya’s deal breaker. Instead, she needs to add her personality traits.

Maya Vega Date Profile

Maya Vega / Insider

According to Maya, her biggest trading breakers are Republicans, financial professionals, and likes and dislikes. According to Tobin, she shouldn’t change anything about them.

“I wouldn’t remove any of them,” Tobin said. “The message is clear.”

Regarding Maya’s biography of hinges, Tobin said he would send a great message to future friends and partners.

“From her background, she feels easy to be with, friendly, good conversationist, and perhaps a good sense of humor,” Tobin said. “The fact that she loves dogs tells me she can give love.”

Tobin adds more information about himself to Maya’s profile. Regarding hinges, she said the ideal way to ask her would be to “skip a little story” and give her time and place for a date.

Tobin said Maya should include her personality traits that reflect that energy.

“She may be spontaneous, adventurous, perhaps kind and compassionate,” Tobin said. “I will add it.”

Overall, Maya needs to be clear about what she’s looking for in her profile

Maya has a strong profile overall. Tobin recommends more candid photos and makes exactly what she’s looking for in Hinge, Tinder, and Bumble.

“Her photos convey ambivalence. I don’t know what she wants. I don’t know what she wants,” Tobin said.

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