The day before the slaughter, he kicked the Buffalo shooter out of the tops grocery store.

Brendan MacDermid / Reuters

Brendan MacDermid / Reuters

The day before 18-year-old white supremacist Peyton Gendron Allegedly 10 people died in Tops Friendly Markets In Buffalo, New York, store manager Shonnell Harris Teague kicked him out of the grocery store.

Busy To ABC7 NewsTeague explained what Gendron was like Bread handling outside the store on FridayThe next day, he wears the same combat rise he wore when he was allegedly fired at a black man. When he stepped in a few hours later, he continued to badger to the customer, Teague said, and she asked him to leave, which he did nothing. .. “I asked him if he could leave the store. You need to stand outside.”

Buffalo Victim’s Son: Killer is a “product of the system”

The next day she wore the same camouflage outfit, but she met him again when she had a modified automatic rifle. “I see him in gear and holding a gun and see how it’s all tied up,” Teague said. “And he shot the man who was already there, I don’t know if that man was moving. He must have shot him again.”

At that time, Teague ran for her life.

Buffalo police commissioner Joseph Gramagria told ABC News on Monday that he had avoided arresting his teens. Many wondered why he wasn’t shot by the police and wondered if the black criminal had left the store alive.

“We will say if he runs away [Tops] Supermarket, he had plans to continue the attack, “Gramagria told ABC. “He was planning to keep driving Jefferson Avenue and shoot more blacks … probably going to another store. [or] position. “

On Sunday, when crowds gathered to lament the loss to the community, many said they saw a young man in the area before the attack. Grady Lewis, a 50-year-old who shop frequently in tops, said he began a conversation with a teenager who lasted nearly 90 minutes the day before the slaughter. Lewis tYear The The Wall Street Journal He asked Gendron about the T-shirt that says “Genius.”

He then said journal The two discussed a variety of issues, including critical racial theory and Gendron’s rather unusual desire to build a time machine. Lewis said Gendron avoided eye contact and kept looking at his phone. Then he asked Lewis (black) if he would go to the store the next day.

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