The defense department was unable to spend $ 1.2 billion on the funds approved last year due to delays

Ottawa — New figures show that the Defense Department was unable to spend more than $ 1.2 billion on its budget allocated last year. Most of this is due to delays in purchasing new equipment for the Canadian military.

The figures recently submitted to the House of Commons are six years after the Liberal Party promised to end such a spending shortage that had grown to a spectacular rate under Stephen Harper’s conservative government.

Given the size of the federal deficit since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the expiration of funds may please bean counters, but one defense expert says there is a real reason to worry.

David Perry, vice president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, said $ 855 million of the $ 1.2 billion was to be spent on new military equipment such as ships, armored vehicles, and aircraft.

Perry says the fact that the money wasn’t spent means that the military didn’t get the new equipment it needed.

The Ministry of Defense states that most of the unused cash will be available in the future, but Perry says the pace of inflation means that more money will be needed each time you actually buy the equipment.

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