The Department of Homeland Security’s transition to domestic terrorism is “chasing glossy objects,” said the former DHS Secretary at the 9/11 Memorial Event.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has recently focused on domestic terrorism, transforming its core competencies by “chasing glossy objects,” according to former Deputy DHS Secretary Chadwolf. He said the DHS should focus on international terrorism, especially given the security risks posed by the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan. The talk of enacting a new law on domestic terrorism seems to “arm the criminal justice system,” added former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker.

At the 9/11 Memorial Event hosted by the Heritage Foundation on Tuesday, Wolff gave DHS the first comprehensive threat assessment in history (pdf) Published in October 2020, threats from China and Russia have been highlighted. However, according to Wolff, domestic terrorism is a small part of the big picture, and some added that it “blown it away.” [domestic terrorism] It’s imbalanced. “

Given that Afghanistan has become a safe haven for terrorists and the United States has withdrawn its diplomatic presence, according to Wolff, the region will become a “black hole” in US Homeland Security.

Wolf, the normal review process Special immigrant visa for Afghans 18 to 24 months. Currently, Afghans have been released on parole and scrutinized within a few days. Wolff added that only one or two villains are needed to compromise the security of America’s hometown.

Mr Swecker emphasized that international terrorist groups could put pressure on Afghan families to force Americans to bid, as well as running the Chinese Communist Party. This could pose additional national security risks, Swecker said.

Expressed concern about both Potential new legislation About domestic terrorism. They said existing legislation covered prosecution of domestic terrorist acts. However, the new rules proposed seem to refer to naming national terrorist groups or people, which can be dangerous in that it impairs people’s freedom of speech.

In addition, Swecker noted that recent DHS breaking news on domestic terrorism did not mention the 2020 Antifa or Black Lives Matter riots. The DHS Threat Assessment Report documents these events. Grade fireworks, rocks, metal pipes, improvised explosive devices and more. “

Wolff defined domestic terrorism as “committing a crime aimed at forcing your ideology on the government’s population.” He said he was worried that the domestic terrorist issue would become political. You have to blame it equally. Otherwise, it becomes a political issue. “

Calling the 9/11 terrorist attacks “one of the most important events of the last 100 years,” Swecker said: And it was a huge success with an indelible, determined, well-funded and well-trained terrorist organization. “

Wolff added that it can be difficult to understand that there are individuals and organizations whose “only mission is to hurt America.” He said China and Russia are examples. “I don’t think it can be exaggerated enough,” Wolf said.

Terry Wu

Terri Wu is a popular assignment reporter based in the metropolitan area of ​​Washington, DC.