The destroyer leaves a dead raccoon and shoots a sign near the split Johnson County project


Police are offering $ 27,000 in cash compensation after receiving two reports of property damage near a controversial construction site in Johnson County.

On April 11, a sign was stolen from a construction site in Edgerton, southwestern Johnson County, Kansas City crime stopper Detective Kevin Bame said in a news release Tuesday.The place was also damaged by the shooting, and the dead animals wHe said he was left on the trailer stairs at the scene.

Then, on May 9, two digital signs were damaged by shootings at 207 and Edgerton’s Waverly Road. Another sign was damaged at number 213 and Kill Creek Road. Several construction signs were damaged, four security cameras were shot, and solar panels powered the security cameras.

Residents are increasingly opposed to major industrial development At these sites. Riverside-based North Point Development Multimodal Logistics Park Kansas City, A major hub for employment and the backbone of regional trade.

However, residents inside and outside Edgerton have organized to oppose the favorable tax cuts offered to developers, increased truck traffic, and the loss of rural lifestyles in the area.

With donations from NorthPoint Development and anonymous donors, Crimestoppers has provided $ 27,000 in compensation for any information that could lead to arrest. A tipster can call 816-474-TIPS (8477).

A NorthPoint spokesman was unable to contact immediately for comment on Tuesday.

Josie Stambaugh, a resident of Edgerton running for mayor, said many people in the town were fed up with the city’s ongoing approval of developers and more warehouses. But she said she knew no one would act by destroying her property.

“Someone is really angry with North Point,” she said. “Or it could be a lot of kids who are stupid.”

Mayor Donald Roberts said he didn’t know much about the incident. Edgerton does not have its own police force and works with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement.

“I don’t know who is doing it,” he said. “We want them to stop and take responsibility for who is doing it.”

Beyond the Miami County border, local residents Trying to form its own municipality To keep industrial development away from their homes. But just as some people are angry with the company, organizer Jennifer Williams said the group is working to carefully follow the rules for forming a new city. ..

“I have never heard anyone talk about violence. Our group is very conservative and book-based,” Williams said. “They are sad. They are not going to talk about hurting people.”