The details of Trump’s security are “matched” with him, “I personally support Biden’s failure,” said the author of the Secret Services book.


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (center), adjacent to members of the Secret Service, shows signs of supporters with stage lights decorating the dance floor after appearing in Gillies, Dallas, Texas on June 16, 2016. .. Trump arrived in Texas with plans to hold a rally and fundraiser on Thursday.

Former President Donald Trump’s “very large delegation” of security details “supported the riots” using social media accounts on January 6, author Carol Leonnig said.Ron Jenkins / Getty Images

  • Two secret service agents said they were near Trump and were considered his enablers. Carol Leonnig..

  • Agents plan to challenge some of Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump, Leonnig said.

  • Many of Trump’s details supported the Capitol riots, Leonnig said, his book covers secret services.

Carol Leonnig, a longtime investigative journalist for the Washington Post, said the two top members of the personal security details of former President Donald Trump were “very very close” to Trump, “one” with him. It is considered to be doing. “

Leonnig is the author of the book Zero Fail: The Rise and Fall of Secret Service and the co-author of “I Can Fix It Alone”, which delves into Trump’s final year as president.

Leonnig said Rachel Maddow on MSNBC on Wednesday night Many secret service agents in Trump’s details have also supported President Joe Biden’s failure and used a social media account to “support the riots” at the Capitol on January 6, 2021.

“There was a very large delegation of details of Donald Trump who was personally supporting Biden’s failure, and some of them are supporting individuals riding the Capitol as riots and patriots. I even took them to their personal media account for. ” “That’s a problem.”

“I’m not saying that Tony Ornart or Bobby Engel did, but they are believed to be in line with Donald Trump.

“But if they testify under an oath,’this is what happened’, Cassidy Hutchinson can only say what she heard, so I think it’s important,” Lening continued. rice field.

Secret service agents Ornato and Engel Bomb testimony Hutchinson, a former White House aide, talks about Trump’s actions leading up to and during the Capitol riots.

Hutchinson said White House guard Ornart had informed her on January 6, 2021 that Engel, who was responsible for the details of Trump, was with Trump on an armored SUV.

According to her testimony, Trump told Engel that he wanted to be taken to the Capitol, but the agent refused to take him there for safety reasons.

She said Trump was furious at the refusal and he thrust the handle, and told Engel to grab Trump’s arm and let go of the handle. Hutchinson then said Trump rushed into Engel, but eventually the quarrel ended and Trump was taken to the West Wing.

but, Several outlet Ornart and Engel reported that the House Committee was ready to testify that Trump did not rush to the wheels before investigating the Capitol attack.

Many Trump supporters on social media Said The pair statement is “Debank” Hutchinson’s retelling of the case, and her entire testimony in that sense.

In particular, the steering wheel-related incident was just one of a series of events that Hutchinson described under the oath, some of which she had witnessed.

Leonnig said to MSNBC that Ornato was considered a “very pro-trump” and that one of the top aides to former Vice President Mike Pence said, “I’m trying to get Vice President Pence out of the Capitol at a crucial moment. He said he was suspected of being a person.

At the time of the riot, Pence was in the Capitol and was set up to prove the 2020 election vote to put Biden in the White House.

“Bobby Engel and Tony Ornart were very close to President Trump. Some people accused them of being enablers and were in favor of the president,” Leonnig said. “Especially Tony Ornart.”

She describes them as “people who wanted to do what he wanted to do and wanted to see him happy” and more focused on “security or independent or good planning”. He added that he irritated other agents.

“Therefore, both of these individuals are considered to be in line with Donald Trump, which makes them a bit unreliable,” Leonnig added.

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