The developer of “Wild Planet Journey” that was abolished by Google has received investment from Tencent to complete the reorganization



Wild Planet Journey

As one of the studios affected by Google Stadia’s “Great Purge”, Typhoon Studios, which developed “Journey to the Savage Planet” (Journey to the Savage Planet), has now ushered in a rebirth. Earlier, it was officially announced that it had completed the reorganization under the name of Raccoon Logic. In the future, it will “return to its original heart” and continue to work hard in the industry as it was before the acquisition by Google. Moreover, the new company has also re-acquired all the copyrights of “Wild Planet Journey”, saying that it will “lay the foundation for a new adventure in the field of action adventure.”

Typhoon Studios was founded in 2017, and “Journey to the Wild Planet” is its first work, which has gained a good reputation on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch platforms. In 2019, Google acquired Typhoon to expand the influence of Stadia’s first-party content. But after more than a year of good times, Typhoon was abolished because Google changed the focus of development.

In the statement, Raccoon Logic mentioned that they were able to continue their work this time after receiving a “key investment” from Tencent. Director Alex Hutchinson bluntly stated that Tencent’s funds have brought “a huge help”, allowing Raccoon Logic “to focus on its own creation before communicating with the publisher.” At the same time, they also expressed their gratitude to 505 Games, which released Journey to the Wild Planet.